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Monday June 17th 2024
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* Lord_Milkky * Weezy Hw cn i do dat 2go star boosting reply serve and where will post d code becoz i ave create d file starboosted and post d code bt stil it didn't show the reply server help me check my site "www.millkyboy.xtgem.com"
2015-06-09 06:49 · (0)
* Weezy * Lord_Milkky 2go Star Booster
<table width='100%'><tr><td width='70%' class="menu"><form action="/starboosted" method="get"><input name="star" value="NOVICE"
type="radio" />NOVICE<br /><input name="star" value="AMATEUR"
type="radio" />AMATEUR<br /><input name="star" value="SENIOR"
type="radio" />SENIOR<br/><input name="star" value="ENTHUSIAST"
type="radio" />ENTHUSIAST<br/>
<input name="star"  value="PROFESSIONAL"
type="radio"  />PROFESSIONAL<br/>
<input name="star" value="EXPERT"
type="radio" />EXPERT<br/>
<input name="star"  value="LEADER"
type="radio" />LEADER<br/>
<input name="star"  value="VETERAN"
type="radio" />VETERAN<br/>
<input name="star"  value="MASTER"
type="radio" />MASTER<br/>
<select name="action"><option  value="none">-select action-</option><option value="TO BOOST">boost</option></select>
<input type="text" style="width:50px" name="username"><input type="submit" value="Boost"></form></td><img src="  http://strikecoded.xtgem.com/sub/2go.png" /></td></tr><table>

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and here is the result page create a file name “starboosted” and paste dis code below there
<center><div class="zxfourborder"><font color="green"><b>OBEY THE REPLY FROM THE SERVER, BECAUSE THE SERVER WILL BE YOUR GUIDE</b></div></font><div class="zxfourborder" align="left"><font color="blue"><b>2GO USERNAME:</b></font><br /><font color="green"><b>Your Username Is:</b></font> <font color="blue"><b>{_$username|}</b></font></div><div class="zxfourborder" align="left"><font color="blue"><b>STAR LEVEL::</b><br />Your Current Star Level Is: <font color="red"><b>{_$star|}</b></font></div><div class="zxfourborder" align="left"><font color="blue"><b>BOOSTER TASK::</b></font><br />Task Selected Is:<font color="blue"><b>"{_$action|}"</b></font></div><div class="zxfourborder" align="left"><font color="blue"><b>SERVER REPLY::</b><font color="red"><b>Boosting....</b></font></div><br /></center>
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2015-06-10 12:19 · (0)
* Lord_Milkky Is it in my file browser dat i will dat file "star boosted" and where in d file will i paste d code and pls sir what is d meanin of Div Classes
2015-06-10 17:08 · (0)
* Weezy * Lord_Milkky Create two files, one for the star boosting code and the other for the server reply, the div classes are used to beautify the page .. Its jux like implementing the features of the active css on the page!
2015-06-11 14:55 · (0)
* Lord_Milkky * Weezy See my website is it normal (code) http://millkyboy.xtgem.com (/code) and d commentbox took d background colour and i post it in my footer and it showing on my homepage hw i will do so that it won't take my background colour and it won't show on my homepage
2015-06-12 05:15 · (0)
* Weezy * Lord_Milkky Delete the comment box code from the homepage and add the code to any page whrever u wnt it to appear!
2015-06-13 09:18 · (0)
* Lord_Milkky * Weezy K tanks sir dat yur weezywap.xtgem.com dat alway change when loading yu pages the style wil change it may be big teach me hw yu do it
2015-06-13 18:25 · (0)
* Weezy * Lord_Milkky Dyu mean the logo?
2015-06-14 15:37 · (0)
* Lord_Milkky * Weezy Yea
2015-06-14 19:39 · (0)
* skIdOOO * Lord_Milkky It's Random image generator create urs at @ http://weezywap.xtgem.com/Wapmasta/Tools/random_image_text.html
2015-06-18 20:58 (Edited 2015-06-18 20:59 by skIdOOO ) · (0)

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