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Saturday May 25th 2024
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* SPICY Weezy I Greet U o.

Good Morning To All Weezywaparz!...
Spicy Is back with his own tutorial..
For those who want to copy dis tutorial or share dis tutorial to his/her web always give the credit to Spicynaija.com...
See Demo Of This Tutorial

Letz Get Starting!!....

First Of All, Make sure that your Blog Settings is upto date.
Now goto your site forum bottom content(footer) and paste the below code in wml/xhtml:
<div id="start" class="x" name="spicy"><span class="nlfooter">Updates</span><form method="post" action="blog_0.xhtml">Image Url: <input name="blog_title" value="http://"/>:admin-hash-input: <input type="hidden" name="fnc" value="new"/><script type="text/javascript"> document. write('<input name="blog_body" value="[url=http://spicynaija.com:getid-url:]' + document.title+'[/url]" size=""/>' ); </script><br/><input type="submit" name="submit" value="Post" class=""/></form></div>
Copy code

NOTE: Replace Spicynaija.com to ur website name at the above code.
Now goto your site homepage and paste the below code dr:
<div class="nlfooter" align="center"><b>TRENDING UPDATES</b></div><div class=""><ul class="disclosure table group">


<div class="x"><table><tbody><tr><td align='left' valign='top'><img src="%title%" width="60" height="65"/></td><td valign='top'><li class="page_item page-item-167">%text-220%</li>

:: :/bloglist: :paging:n=:geti-number(1):,u=site_:getid-site:.%ext%?get-number=%n%:admin-hash-amp::: <div class=''><div align='center'><li class="pagination" style=""><span class="next">%prev%</span> <span class="prev">%next%</span></li></div></div> <style>.hta%nlast%{ display: none;} .ht:get-number(1):{ display: none;}</style>:/paging:  </ul>

Copy code


NOTE: This Code Has no error and it was edited by me, Looks Neat Right?..
If u Have Any Problem Comment Below :D ..

How To Add Music And Vide To The Updates, Code Loading, I May Decide to post it here also...
See Demo Here

Credits: Spicynaija.com

Add Me On 2go: Keltwiststar..
2015-12-13 01:03 · (0)
* Weezy * SPICY Nice work, keep going!
2015-12-13 09:47 · (0)
* furum * Weezy weezy or spicy pls I nid hlp here oooo.... on d tutorial above I did everything as directed, d furum footer code I put d visibility in admin mode.....
I sow two tearea first one shows... http:// only.
and d second wan shows http:// wit my site name.
So am confused pls wat will I put in d first and second tearea..... pls tutorial
2015-12-13 20:30 · (0)
* furum * Weezy Secondly wen I try to post,I shows me... u can't post in admin mode.....please hlp mheooo
2015-12-13 20:35 · (0)
* SPICY * furum D first box with http:// is for the image url,, while the second box,u're not to edit anytin,,u'll only remove d admin hash,,cuz d second box contains d forum link and title,,dats it
2015-12-13 22:25 · (0)
* SPICY * furum U can't post in admin mode" means dat ur you've not set ur blog settings very well
2015-12-13 22:27 · (0)
* furum * SPICY please how can I set my blog settings.....? weezy or spicy hlp
2015-12-14 19:28 · (0)
* Weezy * furum blog list updates setting!
Go to edit site > users > blogs > settings
Minimal count of letters in the text (10-5.000): = 10
Maximal count of letters in the text (100-50.000): = 50000
Minimal count of letters in the title (5-50): 5
Maximal count of letters in the title (10-200): 200
tick enable Wcode then save.
That's all!
2015-12-15 11:38 · (0)
* SPICY * Weezy Yea dats It!!...Thank U Weezy
2015-12-15 17:21 · (0)
* furum weezy or spicy I did as directed bet still showing me.... ...u can't add blog in admin mode please wat will I do now?
2015-12-15 19:09 · (0)

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