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Wednesday July 24th 2024
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* LORDHACKER please sir weezy...i want to creat java ebook like the one i downloaded from your site''mobile php tutorial app'' which application needed for modding it??? And also the zip file you use for the Ebook
2017-01-16 19:07 · (0)
* Weezy * LORDHACKER Read @ http://weezywap.xtgem.com/Apps/Moddin
2017-01-17 00:26 · (0)
* LORDHACKER * Weezy sir please how can i creat the first page of my website like your own... And where can i get the codes?
2017-01-23 14:56 · (0)
* Weezy * LORDHACKER Pages created in xtgem are being saved or stored in the filebrowser @ http://xtgem.com/filebrowser , in other words ..every page you create on xtgem is saved in filebrowser with its name ..assuming u created the forum page with the name 'forum' ..when you go to the filebrowser ..check for the file named forum ..u must see it there ..now you have noted the file name ..to link it up is easier ..just note that after the site url comes the path or folder to file/page but in the absense of
folder(s) ..the file/page follows immediately showing that the file is directly located in your
filebrowser so the link to the forum should be something like http: //sitename.xtgem.com/forum .. In file linking ..just note that the last
parameter of the link is a file or page while other parameters are folder(s) for example in http: //weezywap.xtgem.com/Wapmasta/Tools/Javascripts.php .. 'Javascript.php' which is the last parameter is the page while 'Wapmasta' and 'Tools' are folders ..it only means that 'Wapmasta' folder was created directly in the filebrowser while 'Tools' folder was created inside the Wapmasta folder.. full xtgem building tools tutorial @ http://weezywap.xtgem.com/Wapmasta/Tools/xtgem_reference.html
2017-01-24 06:27 · (0)
* LORDHACKER * Weezy sir please i need your homepage codes that u used in www.weezywap.xtgem.com, how will i use css code for any file in the file browser? Like the forum
2017-01-28 01:08 · (0)
* Weezy * LORDHACKER I already replied you in your thread under *Xtgem Coding Help*
2017-01-28 05:00 · (0)

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