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Saturday July 20th 2024
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* youngpeters * Weezy Plz weezy, snd me dat ur homepage code, d 1 dat say todays date is. . . ., nd 2go önline star booster nd itz codes. Plz!
2015-07-25 06:46 · (0)
* Weezy * youngpeters date text javascript @ http://weezywap.xtgem.com/Wapmasta/Tools/Textdate.php ..date graphics javascript @ http://weezywap.xtgem.com/Wapmasta/Tools/GraphicsDate.php ..rainbow date javascripts @ http://weezywap.xtgem.com/Wapmasta/Tools/Rainbow.php 2go Star Booster
<table width='100%'><tr><td width='70%' class="menu"><form action="/starboosted" method="get"><input name="star" value="NOVICE"
type="radio" />NOVICE<br /><input name="star" value="AMATEUR"
type="radio" />AMATEUR<br /><input name="star" value="SENIOR"
type="radio" />SENIOR<br/><input name="star" value="ENTHUSIAST"
type="radio" />ENTHUSIAST<br/>
<input name="star"  value="PROFESSIONAL"
type="radio"  />PROFESSIONAL<br/>
<input name="star" value="EXPERT"
type="radio" />EXPERT<br/>
<input name="star"  value="LEADER"
type="radio" />LEADER<br/>
<input name="star"  value="VETERAN"
type="radio" />VETERAN<br/>
<input name="star"  value="MASTER"
type="radio" />MASTER<br/>
<select name="action"><option  value="none">-select action-</option><option value="TO BOOST">boost</option></select>
<input type="text" style="width:50px" name="username"><input type="submit" value="Boost"></form></td><img src="  http://strikecoded.xtgem.com/sub/2go.png" /></td></tr><table>

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and here is the result page create a file name “starboosted” and paste dis code below there
<center><div class="zxfourborder"><font color="green"><b>OBEY THE REPLY FROM THE SERVER, BECAUSE THE SERVER WILL BE YOUR GUIDE</b></div></font><div class="zxfourborder" align="left"><font color="blue"><b>2GO USERNAME:</b></font><br /><font color="green"><b>Your Username Is:</b></font> <font color="blue"><b>{_$username|}</b></font></div><div class="zxfourborder" align="left"><font color="blue"><b>STAR LEVEL::</b><br />Your Current Star Level Is: <font color="red"><b>{_$star|}</b></font></div><div class="zxfourborder" align="left"><font color="blue"><b>BOOSTER TASK::</b></font><br />Task Selected Is:<font color="blue"><b>"{_$action|}"</b></font></div><div class="zxfourborder" align="left"><font color="blue"><b>SERVER REPLY::</b><font color="red"><b>Boosting....</b></font></div><br /></center>
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2015-07-25 12:35 · (0)
* youngpeters * Weezy Plz Sir i nid dat ur homepage code for 'GoodDay Ur Last visit was. . . Nd '2go star booster upgraded, click to boost ur star'. Plz
2015-07-26 00:34 · (0)
* Weezy * youngpeters get the greeting javascript code @ http://weezywap.xtgem.com/Wapmasta/Tools/Statistics.php ..copy the code below for ur 2nd request
<div align="center" style="background-color: #1F0457; border: 1px dotted white"><br /><img src="http://weezywap.xtgem.com/Wapmasta/Icon/2go icon.png" alt="»" /><b style=color:lime;>2go Star Boosting Online Software Upgraded, Boost Your 2go Star</b><a href="http://weezywap.xtgem.com/Starbooster1"><b style=color:white;> HERE..</b></a><img src="http://weezywap.xtgem.com/Wapmasta/Icon/update.gif" alt="" /></div>
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2015-07-27 03:15 · (0)
* youngpeters * Weezy Plz sir! hw do i add text styler n screenshotter to 2go while modding?
2015-08-12 23:23 · (0)
* Weezy * youngpeters Read @ http://weezywap.xtgem.com/Apps/Moddin ..read how to mod multi apps like 4in1 + background image embedder ..u wl use the advance menu maker to join the text styler and the 2go app and also the screenshotter!
2015-08-13 04:46 · (0)
* youngpeters * Weezy Plz sir weezy, cn u gv me a link on hw i cn build mah own social networking application
2015-08-18 14:16 · (0)
* Weezy * youngpeters Learn java programming @ oracle.com
2015-08-20 04:25 · (0)
* youngpeters * Weezy Plz sir weezy, hw cn i make mah site's enabled for guests uploads
2015-08-22 13:06 · (0)
* Weezy * youngpeters Are u using wapka or xtgem site?
2015-08-22 13:15 · (0)

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