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Sunday February 25th 2024
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* Examsolution * Weezy Tanks sir weezy.....pls were u type'' ur script wat would i put dere? ....tanks
2. Pls gv me cod dat would link to all types of ur apps tru my sit plz sir weezy
2015-03-07 06:45 · (0)
* Examsolution * Weezy Pls weezy i want tu make my text size more bigger like urs here...help wid code pls+ italic ,bold nd oda text font
2015-03-07 06:55 (Edited 2015-03-07 07:02 by Examsolution ) · (0)
* Weezy * Examsolution Html - its a lang used in site building ..it include tags (opening and closing tags) for example to add an underlined text to ur site ..the html code is <u>YOUR TEXT</u> ..where <u> is the opening tag while </u> is the closing tag ..any html code dat dnt hv a closing tag ..its likely dat the opening tag will take effect on all the content of the page..som html tags with /> at the end dnt nid a closing tag ..simple html tags:
<hr/> - gvs a horizontal line
<br/> - breaks the line wit space
<i>TEXT</i> - italise the text
<s>Text</s> - strike the text
<big>Text</big> - big text
<b>Text</b> - bold text
<marque>Text</marque> - moving text
<blink>Text</blink> - Blinking text
You can use more than one html tags but while using dem make sure u put the closing tags properly ..for instance <u><b>YOUR TEXT</u></b> ..there is a wrong combination @ the closing tags, </b> is supposed to com first bcos its the last html tag b4 the text ...u can use html to create online games whch can be played online with help of the javascripts ..more html tutorial @ http://www.w3schools.com/html/ ..learn about javascripts @ http://www.w3schools.com/js/
2015-03-07 17:38 · (0)
* Examsolution * Weezy Tanks weezy.
Pls weezy wat should i crate so dat wen some1 like my fb page or group or de like and image of de pple would display in my sit as d pple dat like my site.
Help pls.
2015-03-09 19:46 · (0)
* Weezy * Examsolution Get the code @ http://weezywap.xtgem.com/Wapmasta/Script+Modify/share.php
2015-03-09 23:37 · (0)
* Examsolution * Weezy Hi bro weezy tanks for ur codding u ar rilly a good guy.
bro weezy i need a code,
1. I need code that wen i apply it's a box 4 example...... If i want some1 to discus his problem wid me .... I will tell de peson enta here like 4 or 5 box dat looks like log in or enta password..... But let de code be in a form dat i will type my heading like
(i) enta ur name ,
anoda box
(ii) ur problem or phon no....like dat let it b 4 or 5 box pls..... I rilly need ur help pls.
2015-03-11 19:47 · (0)
* Examsolution * Examsolution Weezy i rilly need de box code pls..
So dat wen som1 aks any problem dere de person mssage or iinformation will b sent directly tu my phon no or inbox pls or my gmail pls
2015-03-11 19:51 · (0)
* Weezy * Examsolution Its a contact form code ..its free for xtgem sites created b4 september 2012 ..but for sites created afta den ..u will pay to use it .. To add it to ur site click on Add block > Feedback/Contact > Contact ..set how u want it to appear den u save
2015-03-12 10:01 · (0)
* Examsolution * Weezy Pls weezy i need a code that wen i am in my site den want to mesage any of my friend my site name would show in dia inbox instead of my phone no pls.......i rilly need de code help pls weezy.
2015-03-19 17:24 · (0)
* Weezy * Examsolution If u send a user msg thru your site forum, ur site link will be displayed in the msg .. But if u snd a user msg thru d profile direct link ..d link wont b displayed
2015-03-19 23:14 · (0)

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