Old school Easter eggs.

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Monday July 22nd 2024
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* Weezy * KidINK Copy the themelist code of 9jacoded.com ..First put this in forum top autocontent
<div class="exhibiterror"><center> <a href="forum2_add_:getid-forum:.xhtml:admin-hash-amp:"><img src="http://wapkaimage.com/701256/701256695_bbeb7e9f9f.png" alt="" />Create New Post</a></center></div><br />
<div class="exhibiterror" align="center"><center> <img src="http://exhibit230.xtgem.com/Wapmaster/Icons/hand.png"/>Trending Post</center></div>

Copy code

Now goto Edit site > wap2 > style for messege and chat in forum > set default style for message and chat in forum > theme in forum > 1st box put this code
<div class="exhibitad"><b>::theme::</b><br/><small><img src="http://wapkathemes.wapsite.me/demo/elitte/image/dduration.png"/>Author: ::creator:: <font color="red">|</font> Views: ::views::x <font color="red">|</font> Comments: ::count::</small></div><br/>
Copy code

2nd box leave it empty
.. 3rd box put this code

 <div name="h_post">::THEMES::</div> <br>

 <div class="bash" align="center"><br>

 More Pages</div><br>

 <div name='exload'><div align="center"><div id=""><div class=""><div class="page" align="center">::LISTER_BOTTOM::</div></div></div></div></div>

Copy code
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