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Friday December 8th 2023
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we need to create a directory/folder i.e goto edit site -> filemanager -> create a directory with name “portal”.Step 2: we need to create a file uploader(goto edit site>>file uploader). Fill the text/input areas as follows:
.1=text on button=>upload file
.2=site or text display after upload=> file successfully uploaded
.3=allow file extension=> leave it blank
.4=maximum size=> input 0
.5=style of upload =
<strong>File to<br />
Upload:</strong><br/>::file::<br/>File<br />
Category (please select correctly<br />
other wise may not be<br />
uploaded) <br/><select name=”"><option value=”">Select category</option><option value=”">Blackberry software</option><option value=”">java application</option><option value=”40498347″>Java Games</option><option value=”40498385">videos</option><option value=”40498414">Music</option><option value=”40498443">Nokia Themes</option><option value=”40498502">Others (pdf, swf, zip..)</option><option value=”40498525">PC software</option><option value=”40498565">Symbian applications</option><option value=”40498606">Symbian Game</option><option value=”40498642">Symbian theme</option><option value=”40498672">Wallpaper</option></select><br/><strong>File description (optional)</strong><br />
<br/>::comment::<br />

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The file category is just nt in diz Tutorial. It only work with advance uploader. Which as already bn shared in the forum.
.6= directory=> choose portal(i.e the directory we created). The file category is just a junk. It only work with advance uploader. To Learn The advance Multiple Uploader Just Check The forum It already Posted.
.6 directory=> choose portal(i.e the folder we created).
.7 then submit
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