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Saturday July 20th 2024
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* chizzy4real * Weezy Plzz weezy i want to add image to my message in a forum bt its not a discussion forum its an ordinary forum in wapka dat i create inform of a page for news plzz help me i dnt know how to add image or u can studdy dis and teach me i dnt understand it............................Adding pictures to posted messagesmay be easier than you thought. Some forums allow you to add a picture directly from your computer. Those direct upload forums are listed under GardenWeb Galleries, and display a camera icon by their name in the main forums list. All other forums require you to store the image elsewhere on the web, then link to that image using html codes in your posted message.
The Short Version
Adding a picture on any forum
1.Upload your image (60K or less in size) to somewhere on the web for storage.
2.Type codes into your forum message to add the image.
*.To create a link to the image: <a href="insert image address here">insert image description here</a>.
*.To display the image inside the posted message: <img src=” file location and name”> .
1.Submit the message.
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