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Tuesday July 16th 2024
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* Primebaze.com.ng Wordpress Is one of the simplest Web/Blog Hosting Platform.

It consists Of Wordpress.com and WordPress. org

lemme not confuse or obfuscate you

Let's Get to know about WordPress. com

They place ads on all free websites. Did you
really think it was free without a catch? If you
don’t want your users to see ads, then you
can pay them $29.97 per year to keep your
site ad-free.

You are NOT allowed to sell ads on your site
unless you receive 25,000 pageviews per
month. In which case, you have to apply to try
their feature called Ad control. The approval
process doesn’t cost you any money, but you
have to split your revenues 50/50 with them

You cannot use plugins. Yup WordPress is
well known for it’s flexibility due to the
plugins. WordPress.com does not allow you
to use plugins! If you want to use plugins,
then you have to move to their VIP program
which starts at $3750 per month. No joke.

You cannot use custom themes. Yup, you
have to be stuck with their choice of themes
which is being used on hundreds of millions of
sites. They do offer a “design upgrade” which
should really be called CSS upgrade for $30
per year. Meaning, you can change the color
of your site. But if you want to add something
really custom, you cannot.

You are restricted to their analytics. You
cannot use custom analytics software
because you cannot add custom codes.

They can delete your site at anytime if they
think it violates their Terms of Service.

They will change your theme without your
permission if the founder doesn’t like the
theme developer (yup it happened).

Even if you pay for their upgrades, you still
have to tell others that your site is powered
on WordPress.com


WordPress.org Benefits
It’s free and super easy to use.

You own your data. You are in full control.

Your site will NOT be turned off because
someone decides that it is against their terms
of service (as long as you are not doing
something illegal). You are in control.

You can upload and use plugins.

You can upload custom themes. Modify
theme files (not just styles) if needed.

You can make money from it by using your
own ads, and doing things your way.

Custom Analytics and Tracking
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