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Monday June 17th 2024
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* Weezy * spboss U are supposed to create a page only visible in admin mode ..den inside it u create the forum page and other pages u dnt want to be on the homepage ..also note that pages in wapka are noted by thier IDs ..dats y u see links like /site_3.xhtml .. 3 is the ID ..wapka dnt hv folders like other html building phase whr u cn create folder and create files inside them ..pages created in wapka are serialy arranged if u are using the new page link ..i.e assuming u created a page wt site id 1 ..d next page u create wl have 2 as its id ..u cn also quote site ids wt bigger values wt wapka link code :url-site-ID ..u cn create a page wt site id 2000 by jux adding the id in the above link code ..i.e <a href=":url-site-2000:">Your Text</a>
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