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Friday July 12th 2024
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* Mrkunlex Did your search engine traffic suddenly drop
rapidly or are you about to purchase a
domain name? it is always wise to check if
your domain name has been blacklisted or
DE-indexed by Google?
Be informed, there are several other reasons
your website traffic could be dropping rapidly
but it doesn’t hurt to check if your pages are
still being indexed by Google.
How To Check If A Domain is blacklisted
by Google
Manual Method
Simply perform a search in Google with
“site:domainname.com” i.e.
If no results are returned and your pages
have already being indexed by Google
previously, then there is a pretty good chance
that the website has been removed from
their index.
If you use this method to check for a new
domain, you probably won’t get any result, as
there are no posts or pages for Google to
index yet.
Automated Methods
Visit Is My Website Penalized or AdSense
Account Disabled? Banned from AdSense?
type in your URL address and click search.
You would get a message telling you the
status of the domain name.
The best way to keep track of changes or get
more information on your domain is to use
tools created by Google. In this case the
Google Webmaster Tools is your ideal tool.
Google Webmaster tools would show you
links to your site, your search queries, site
health, 404 not found pages, server errors
and many other useful information on your
Submitting a sitemap to Google, frequent
posts, a claimed Google authorship account
are factors that could get your pages indexed
Violating Google Terms of service is the
fastest way to get your pages DE-indexed.
Engaging in the following practices could lead
to your pages getting de-indexed:
Check Google
Google also has a tool that let’s you check if
a website is blacklisted due to a Copyright or
DMCA claims.
(Suggested by Michael Bely)
Paid Links
Google frowns at any form of paid link or
unnatural linking, if you have been doing this
it is better you stop before you get caught.
Copyright Violation
“Just because it is fine with Google doesn’t
mean it is legal”.
Copyright violation is frowned upon by
Google, hence you hear Google promoting
the use of original content. Copyright
violation is a surefire way of getting your
pages de-indexed from Google
Masking Keywords
Hiding keywords or phrases with the
background color technique is just so wrong
and Google already knows about this
technique. This could easily translate to your
pages disappearing from Google search.
Linking To Spammy or malicious pages
Google, Bing and every search engine hates
spam. Always check pages you are linking to,
even if it is a guest post, check the links to
make sure you are not sending your readers
to malicious pages.
Once you have been infected with malware
or your site is linking to such a page, you are
on a ticking clock.
These are just some of the ways you could
get banned, blacklisted, de-indexed by
Google. Always make sure you read and
understand Google’s terms and keep yourself
updated on their algorithm changes. Penguin,
panda, hummingbird these are all algorithm
changes your should read about as they
could be responsible for your rapid drop in

Read More Here: http://www.webdesignarena.xtgem.com/index/__xt/how-to-check-if-your-domain-has-been-de-indexed-from-google-search/thread-ots3bl9pn7hvwy4j6a5f10fe3nx9bz7thik4v6.html?__xtforum_posts_page=1
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