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Wednesday July 24th 2024
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»How to Mod Opera Mini
Applications Needed And Extraction
BlueFTP, ProPaint Mobile, Calc4m, PowerGrasp, 5in1 Class Editor, Class Translator, Hex Editor, MiniHalo and FileExporer, Opera Mini zip files and Opera Mini HandlerUI zip files and a Phone That Support Add And Edit Data (Nokia s40 phones recommended)..
Open The Zip File With BlueFTP or PowerGrasp And Extract The Content Into A Folder.

Changing The "www." Of The Address Bar
Open Your Class Translator And Locate The Folder Where The Extracted Files Are, Open The code.class (for handler), Z.class (for LabsHandler), Scroll Down You Will See www., Click On It And Change It to any text of your choice e.g WeezywapMOD. Then Save It.

Changing The Properties Like The Name, Vendor..
Open Your Class Editor And Locate The Extracted Files, Open MANIFEST.MF File Inside the META-INF Folder. Inside It You Will See Midlet-Name And Other Midlets, Just Change Them To Any Name You Want.
Note: Don't Change The Name Of Opera4.2labsHandler Else You Will Be Get Application Error.

Changing The Icon Picture
In The Extracted File You Will See i.png, Replace It With Your New Picture And Make Sure You Rename It To i.png

Changing The "Connecting, Installing, Processing And Loading"
Open Your Class Editor Locate v File In The Extracted Files, Open It And Press 9, In The Text Box That Appears Enter Connecting Then Press 2 Once To See It.. Use Key 4 To Scroll To The First Letter Of The Word C. Press * And You Will See Red Bar Behind It, Use Key 6 To Highlight The Word And Stop At The Last Letter Of The Word. Press 5 Three Times, Choose Text And Enter The New Word You Want To Use In Replace [The Word Must Not Exceed 10 Characters, If The New Word Is Not Up To 10.. You Can Add Space To Make It 10 Characters]. Use The Above Procedure To Edit Installing, Processing And Loading. Their Are Two Loading In The v File So Edit The Both.
Note: Installing, Connecting And Processing Are 10 Letters While Loading Is 7 Letters.

Changing Loading Bar Color
The Default Color Is RED (The Hex Value Is ACI614). To Change It Get The Hex Value Of Another Color You Want To Use, Then Open Your Class Editor, Locate Extracted Files And Open f.class Then Press 0, The Page Will Divide Into Two. Press 7, In The HexBox Enter 3575, Look At The Left Side Of The Screen Then Press 6 Once And You Will See AC1614 In Hex. To Change, Scroll To AC Press 5 Three Times Then Choose HEX.. Clear That AC And Replace It With The First Two Of The New Hex, Repeat The Procedure To Change The Hex Value Then Save.

Changing The Welcome Page
Open Your Class Editor, Locate The Extracted Files And Open v File, Scroll Down With Key 8 You Will See http://www.opera mini.com/ firsttime/4.2/, Clear The Link Starting From www To End Then Enter Your Link (Your Link Must Be 32 Characters But If Your Link Is'nt Up To 32 Characters, Add Spaces At The Back Of The Link To Make It 32).

Changing User Agent (Browser Details)
For Opera 4.0, 4.1, 4.2 Mod, Open Class Translator And Locate The f.class.. For Opera 4.2 Handler, Open Class Translator And Locate HandlerUI.class. Change The Detail To What You Like And Save.

Changing The Splash Screen Of Opera Mini 4.2 Handler
A picture in .png format is required, If you don't have .png picture, may be it's in .jpg, jpeg or gif use propaint to open the picture and save it as .png. It's advisable to use picture with smaller size between 15kb to 40kb and the resolution of the picture must not exceed 128x160.
Note: Using blueFTP or moby explorer to rename your picture can't work if you don't have picture in .png format, use propaint to convert to .png as I stated it above. Extract all the content inside the opera.zip into an empty folder with blueFTP also copy the picture you want to use into that extracted files folder and note that you should delete the picture before compressing. Now open your class editor, locate and open your png picture, press the * key of your phone, you will see a red bar behind [] PNG, press 8 to scroll down until you highlight all, press 5 then press 4, choose copy then go back without exiting the class editor. Open the "v" file of the opera you extracted, press 9, in the text box that appears, enter PNG select option then press Ok. Press 6, that will take you to the first png in the page, press # to go to the second png. Press 4 once to move back to this symbol [] behind PNG, press 8 to scroll down until you reach END B, [] stop there before ? Symbol. Press 5 then press 4 choose Insert, press the upper left key and save. You must know the bytes of your picture. To know it when you're highlighting the picture you want to use as your new splash, look at the bottom you will see the size before = in the right hand corner eg: 1262 =. Write it down because you need it, now open your calc4m and enter the size (bytes) of your picture, press the down key two times, then press and hold # button, write down the result that it shows. Now open your HEX EDITOR for handler, enter the result that you get from calc4m then press execute, it will list out some hex values, write down those hex values that are not bold, they will be 14 in total.
Open your CLASS EDITOR then open the v file, press 0 and the page will be divided into two, press 7, clear what you see and enter 27, press ok then press 6 and 4 and you will see something like this:
2CDC 0000 2CF8 0000 2DBF 0000 2EA1
0000 2FC1 0000 30D7 0000 321B 0000
3365 0000 33D4 0000 3444 0000 34FA
0000 35B9 0000 3684 0000 384B 0000

To replace those hex values with those that you get from HEX EDITOR, press 6 to navigate through, (press 3 it will be picking the hex value two by two, move to the next hex value). Repeat it until you change the 14 hex values with your own.
Note: Don't edit those zeros (0000), change the hex values which consists of alphabets and numbers only. Press the upper left key and save it then quit the class editor.

Packing Or Compressing Of The Opera
Now To Pack Your Opera, Open Your blueFTP Locate The Folder Where The Extracted Files Are, Open It Press Menu => Select All ..Press Menu Again Then Scroll Down To Compress As _jar Press Ok Then Enter The Name e.g Opera_jar. After Compressing, Rename To .jar To Run The Application. It is advisable to use powergrasp to compress because if you compress with blueFTP, it will only work in java phones and not in symbian phones. Click HERE to Learn how to extract and compress with BlueFTP and Powergrasp respectively.
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