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Friday June 14th 2024
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* Emir-says * slimkid After extracting carrington-mobile in ur themes directory,just visit your site i.e http://ur-site-url/wp-admin and login with the username and password u used wen u want to install wordpress earlier..After u hav login,just scrol down to where u see Twenty Eleven and click on it,u will definately see carrington-mobile logo like d one below,just click Activate, thats all..hope it helps? If yes drop comment and if u face any bug,count on me,just drop here.
2015-06-05 21:11
* screenshot.png · image/png · 878B
(Edited 2015-06-05 21:13 by Emir-says ) · (0)
* slimkid * Emir-says Emir I swear u b boss.... U b really lord 4 dis game ... I appreciate u tnks boss ah don check many tutor but na dasame.... But remaining tin na how ah go ∂єy code am ah beg
2015-06-06 04:01 · (0)
* Emir-says * slimkid Goto ur ftp server,enter Public_html»wp-content»Themes»Carrington-mobile (the one u've extracted,not d one in zip format) »Header»header-default.php and open it, [Note: don't delete wat u don't knw its function o] Just goto d last text or codes and put wat u want to add in ur header there,use d same method for ur footer,just open ur bottom.php and code.
2015-06-06 13:31 · (0)
* Weezy * Emir-says Nice one ..u rilly good on dat!
2015-06-06 23:18 · (0)
* slimkid * Weezy Boss ma ftp is not working again na mobi-ftp.tk na him ah ∂єy use.. Pls give мє an ftp way ah fit use.. And pls send мє a logo code pls boss... Ah hail u boss
2015-06-07 00:26 · (0)
* Emir-says * slimkid Weezy u are the brain behind it bro,i appreciate ur efforts wen i started Xtgem,thanks bro..
@Slimkid,to save ur stress,try any of this ftp cus they are easy to use http://leoftp.tk
http://waper.in ..And wat Logo code are you trying to get?
2015-06-07 06:18 · (0)
* slimkid * Emir-says Boss the two ftp ∂єy work but he no login he ∂єy write(Cookies and Javascript must be enabled.) Help мє please
2015-06-07 22:02 · (0)
* Weezy * slimkid Whch browser u dey use?
2015-06-08 00:33 · (0)
* slimkid * Weezy Na opera mini nd uc brower
2015-06-08 02:52 · (0)
* Weezy * slimkid Try opera mini 4.2
2015-06-08 12:20 · (0)

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