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Sunday July 21st 2024
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* netguru Ple weezy wat is d first tin I have to do in my site NW I have deleted all block link in my site ple teach me how I will start it sucessful ple tel me d 3 step DAT I will first make ple. So I want to rebuild it ple weezy
2014-07-31 23:07 (Edited 2014-08-01 08:26 by netguru ) · (0)
* Weezy * netguru Create two files in ur file browser ..name the files _header and _footer ..the content of the files will appear automatically on all the pages u will create
2014-08-01 08:25 · (0)
* netguru * Weezy D header and d Footer is already dey how will first make d logo DAT say welcome to weezywap xtgem.com and d weezywap.xtgem.com + how I will do d bookmark,jar•Bmk•Opera and how I will beutifile it DAT will show many different style and colour like ur own
2014-08-01 15:34 (Edited 2014-08-01 15:46 by netguru ) · (0)
* Weezy * netguru Copy the code below! But u will modd java bookmark app, edit bmk file and link dem to this code for it to wok perfectly
<div class="phdr" align="center" style="bold"><FONT COLOR="#FF0000">B</FONT><FONT COLOR="#FF5800">O</FONT><FONT COLOR="#FFB000">O</FONT><FONT COLOR="#FFff00">K</FONT><FONT COLOR="#A7ff00">M</FONT><FONT COLOR="#4Fff00">A</FONT><FONT COLOR="#00ff00">R</FONT><FONT COLOR="#00ff58">K</FONT><FONT COLOR="#00ff84">  </FONT><FONT COLOR="#00ffB0"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#00ffDC">N</FONT><FONT COLOR="#0084ff">E</FONT><FONT COLOR="#002Cff">Z</FONT><FONT COLOR="#2300ff">Y</FONT><FONT COLOR="#7B00ff">W</FONT><FONT COLOR="#D300ff">A</FONT><FONT COLOR="#FF00DC">P</FONT><br/><a href="http://JAR-URL.jar" style="bold"><FONT COLOR="#FF0000"></FONT><FONT COLOR="#7Bff00">J</FONT><FONT COLOR="#00ffff">A</FONT><FONT COLOR="#4F00ff">R</FONT></a> • <a href="http://BMK-URL.bmk" style="bold"><FONT COLOR="#FFB000"></FONT><FONT COLOR="#00ff2C">B</FONT><FONT COLOR="#0058ff">M</FONT><FONT COLOR="#FF00B0">K</FONT></a> • <a href="o:Y" style="bold"><FONT COLOR="#FFB000">O</FONT><FONT COLOR="#00ff2C">P</FONT><FONT COLOR="#0058ff">E</FONT><FONT COLOR="#FF00B0">R</FONT><FONT COLOR="#FF0BB8">A</FONT></a></div>
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for the welcome to logo, its a picture but i think this code will provide same as the picture
<center><font face="comic sans" size="10" color="white">WELCOME TO</font></center>
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2014-08-01 16:32 · (0)
* netguru * Weezy Ple wat oF d date and time and d Good night welcome back guest ur last visit was and d google search and how my site will be on google with how I will put d changing picture DAT say I luv weezywap
2014-08-01 21:06 (Edited 2014-08-01 21:10 by netguru ) · (0)
* Weezy * netguru they are all javascripts.. get thr codes @ http://weezywap.xtgem.com/Wapmasta/Tools/Javascripts.php note: dont edit the javascript code to avoid parameter errors!
2014-08-02 05:11 · (0)

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