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Wednesday December 6th 2023
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* Axolotl I want to share some knowledges about sending apps or games through bluetooth which i have learned by visiting many tricking sites and pages.

1> "Uc Browser" is our delicious food for having many useful tastes.

If u haven't it, download now and start download apps and games from uc.
When u will go to download any game, there will have two options "save" and "install".
Press "save" option by renaming the file as "Abc_jar" instead of "Abc.jar" on there.
After completing download process, u can send that "Abc_jar" file through bluetooth and then rename it as "Abc.jar" to open it.
If u can't rename, use any file explorer.

2.> If u have apps or games in ur phone memory u can send those app.
Or, u can move the apps in ur phone memory which u want to send.
Just back up ur files.
After creating back up file, go to Blueftp explorer and nename the back up file with ".zip" and extract all files.
U will see all apps in there with "_jar" format.
U can send them.

3. There r such apps downloading Engine provides u downloading jar file with ".zip" format,
Such as "", "", "" and many other.
They r providing u jar apps on "zip" format like "".
If u have not uc browser, u can use those downloading engines.
And after downloading, u can send by renaming through file explorer as "2go_jar".
After sending, rename it as "2go.jar" and use it.

4. Here is an application that can send apps or games through bluetooth.
I dont exact know whether it is working.
But u can try.
Not only does it send apps, but also can send any files with ur any desired extension like 'jar', 'jpg', 'mp3', '3gp' etc.
Here the app-

Thats all.
2014-08-05 22:13 (Edited 2014-08-05 23:05 by Axolotl ) · (0)
* Weezy * Axolotl Nice one!
2014-08-06 00:58 · (0)

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