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Wednesday May 22nd 2024
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* Weezy * AfrickBlogger How to upload or include more than 20kb image in wapka forum site
Step 1: Goto Global settings > Forum > Enable WCODE (about WCODE) click on that (about wcode) You will see many ticked box just untick the one with ( img: )
Step 2: Goto Wap2 > Styles for content in forum/chat > Set global
settings of styles for forum/chat >
and click on the second " Messages in forum " which is or set own form for:
After you click you will see 3 boxes, In the first box which is "Style of
messages in the forum:*
" Remove :msg: in that box and replace it with the code below
Step 3: Goto your forum buttom autocontent, default buttom autocontent is site_-1.xhtml , but it will be advisable to create another site id for ur forum buttom autocontent, Now goto ur Forum buttom autocontent and add the code below
thats all
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