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Sunday June 16th 2024
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* Weezy The scripts read all the tags in a blog post
it then displays a set number of random posts linked to those tags

Note: the __xtblog_block_id variable is required as multiple blog functions are used

First the twig files
Rename xtblog.twig to xtblog_1.twig
Create a new xtblog.twig file with this code
it uses one of the blogs translation variables to decide which twig file to use

Insert this line into xtblog_1.twig in the view=='entry' area to provide the tag data to the xtscript {% elseif view == 'entry' %} <div class="xt_blog"> {% block entry_tags %} {% if not data.entry.in_comments_thread %} {% if data.hide_tags == false and %} insert this line here
before the <div class="xt_tags">....... Create a new xtblog_2.twig file with this code it creates a data string of the post urls using custom blog functions in the xtscript another blog variable is used to filter the current post out of the results
Then we have the xtscript that will output the blog and related post links it will insert the links just under the 'back to posts' button The main blog function in the script is set up with dummy tags so that you can still use the blog in the building tool to manage the blog Just don't edit the lines just above and below the blog function using the building tool only use the code editor or the script may be broken
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