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Thursday April 18th 2024
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* WEBGENIUS Hello wapkans, I am Webgenius the admin of geniusportal. Today I will be teaching you how to create your own fantastic blog site with wapka. Just make sure you follow this tutorial to the end. don't miss any step!!!

Click on "Edit Site" >> Global settings >> Head tags >> then paste

For auto content footer Go to: Edit site>> Add auto content >> Bottom items >> WML/XHTML >> then paste
Return to Homepage Edit site>> New Page >> Ceate two pages and set their visibility to admin mode: Blog | geniusportal.tk Search | geniusportal.tk after you've created the two pages click the "Blog | geniusportal.tk" page add the following WML/XHTML codes:
Now go to "search | geniusportal. tk" then paste this in WML/XHTML:
Return to your Homepage (site Id 0) then paste the following codes in the WML/XHTML

1. replace all geniusportal & geniusportal.tk with your site name & URL.
2. Make sure the pages (blog | geniusportal & search | geniusportal) are site id 1 & 2 respectively.

if you need any help concerning this tutorial, visit our web site "www.geniusportal.tk" or mail us @mustaphademola@gmail.com
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