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Tuesday December 5th 2023
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* Emir-says I created a page 4 Themes,nd i uploaded few to d page,i inserted d filelist code,though,i saw d list of themes but when i clicked on download,it is showing that d page is nt available...plz help me on what to do and how will the themes be downloadable? http://emirwap.xtgem.com/themes
2014-08-14 05:34 · (0)
* wellloaded * Emir-says U cn not be logedin ur site and download anything.....or try loging out download it letz see ........on the look of things that filelist is not gud ask for another better filelist and use it correctly;;;;;thanks stil ur boi wondax
2014-08-14 06:59 · (0)
* Weezy * wellloaded U didnt create 'download' file direct in ur filebrowser ..maybe u created it inside a folder which is wrong or u used a wrong name ..mind u dat 'download' is totally different from 'Download' and 'DOWNLOAD' ..jux make sure that the download page is small letters thruout!
2014-08-14 08:35 · (0)
* Emir-says * Weezy Do u mean i shld create a new page nd name it 'download' plz try nd check wat im trying to say http://emirwap.xtgem.com/themes
2014-08-14 08:46 · (0)
* Weezy * Emir-says Read the instruction @ the xt filelist generating page ..d instruction says u shoud create 2 html files ..one should be the download page which is 'download'
2014-08-14 09:05 · (0)
* Emir-says * Weezy Will d downloadpage be only one or i should create downloadpage for every page i design
2014-08-14 22:45 · (0)
* Weezy * Emir-says Yea, if u are using the filelist u generated from my site ..u will create the download page in the folder of the files to be listed in the filelist ..
2014-08-15 10:38 · (0)

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