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Wednesday July 24th 2024
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* D0NSIA Good afternoon to all weezywap lovers. Dont be suprise because of the word
no time to waste. Let go to the real work. I have observed that .txt ebook cant be download in most website except php sites
because i am the owner of the site so .txt ebook can be download there due to the way i uploaded it. So i sat down and think of way to solve this .txt ebook qualms(problems). Am happy to informed you that my answer was positve, meaning is that i came back with a new way of modding / converting .txt to .jar ,to avoid giving you guys false alarm , tested it even used it before creating this Thread. Now read the below procedure carefully.


write all what you want to write in .txt using moby explorer[write down all you tutor asceive you are writting .txt ebook] you text may be 50000, dont mind the text content display , after finishing the first round text content using moby explorer and your tutorial is stil long e.g may be the word you are given by the moby explorer is 2000 and the tutorial you want to convert/mod into .jar ebook is 4000 which is x2 of 2000 dont write it in to places, this what you are going to do. After the exhausted of first round text just do asceive you want to save the .txt ebook and edit it back, another fresh round of text to use wil be given / added for you to complete your tutorial.

After you are through with your writting , press menu on your moby explorer ,you wil see edit ,save ,save as ... , scroll to save as and clear all what you see e.g new_file.txt and save it as 82959 or just rename it to 82959.

THIRD STEP=extracting
after saving your .txt as 82959 , the next step is to download and extract this file .JAR EBOOK.ZIP BY DONSIA with blue ftp , after that you wil see some files like ad.gif , lm , ls , etc , just locate 82959 , you wil see it , delete it and move or copy your own 82959 into the folder you extracted the zip file into and go delet f , lm and ls because they are pictures, copy the pictures you want to use to replaced those files you deleted and rename them to exactly the name you saw .i.e if you deleted f , you must rename your own picture to f also and move it into the folder which those extracted zip files is and start your blue ftp


After starting your blue ftp , delete D0NSIA EBOOK STYLE which you downloaded above first because
if you dont the file size wil be x2
after deleting of D0NSIA EBOOK STYLE , press option/left key on your blue ftp, scroll to select all , after scrol to compress items (jar) which is the number 3 and after compressing , quit it , go to the folder and search for file_jar and rename it to file.jar . You are through

if you can not extract and compress, read tutor on How to compress and extract with blue ftp at weezywap
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* Weezy * D0NSIA Nice one
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