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Wednesday April 17th 2024
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* Louisnonyb Plz adim,i hav hacked my java 2700 and it is mininzin only 2go dat i downloaded 4rm diz site,plz help on how to minimize other applications like facebook and games,even opera,THANK U SIR
2014-09-01 12:26 (Edited 2014-09-01 12:28 by Louisnonyb ) · (0)
* Weezy * Louisnonyb Wat are the processes u took in hacking ur 2700?
2014-09-01 22:48 · (0)
* Louisnonyb * Weezy Dial *#0000# on your
2. After dialing it you will see
something like this
RM_614 or any number
3. Google search for
Rm_614.ppu or any
number you saw and
download it to your
laptop (it must
include .ppu extension
when searching for it)
4. Connect your phone to
your laptop using a USB
5. After you have connected
your phone to your laptop
make sure you choose Ovi
Suite Mode
6. Open Phoenix Service
Suite you downloaded
and run it on your laptop
and click on Scan Product
7. After you have click scan,
look by the side and select
Product Profile
8. After you have click it,
locate your Rm_614.ppu
on your system,
depending on what you
downloaded, select it and
you will see a list appear,
just tick them all and
where ever you see 0
change it to 1
9. After you are done, with
that click on enable tck
and flash and your phone
will restart and pop a
warning message saying
don't get panic after that
pop restart your phone
and you are done.
but adim i want to minize games and opera
2014-09-02 00:06 (Edited 2014-09-02 00:09 by Louisnonyb ) · (0)
* Weezy * Louisnonyb Maybe the settings dont support thier midlets!
2014-09-02 10:49 · (0)
* Louisnonyb * Weezy Ok,tank u sir,,,plz am in vetran @2go, can u help me to reach ultimate or master at a short period of time...plz help me if possible my username is nonybest321.
2014-09-03 09:59 · (0)

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