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Friday January 27th 2023
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* Umarayar hellow weezy bro... I need urgent help I want wapka prefix in forum post code like sir plx help me.
2017-11-27 02:41 · (0)
* Weezy * Umarayar Select the prefix or tag when you create a topic,
First, login Admin mode in Wapka.Mobi
Click Settings > Edit texts > Forum/chat
Find and replace these texts

Theme name
under theme name paste this code
<b><font color="blue">Select an appropriate first word to the title of topic from drop down words menu</font><br/><select id="tag" name="tag"><option value="">(None)</option><option value="[Discuss] ">[Discuss]</option><option value="[Share] ">[Share]</option><option value="[Help] ">[Help]</option><option value="[Advices] ">[Advices]</option><option value="Ask ">[Ask]</option><option value="[Request] ">[Request]</option> <option value="[Soon] ">[coming soon]</option><option value="[Script] ">[script]</option><option value="[Tut] ">[Tut]</option><option value="[Generator] ">[Generator]</option><option value="[Help] ">[Help]</option><option value="[Exloader] ">[Exloader]</option> </select></b><br/><b name="yaaga">Topic name:</b>
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under submit box paste this code
Submit" onclick="wks()" style="margin:2px
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Post this code in Bottom autocontent of the forum
<script type="text/javascript"> function wks(){var tag=document.getElementById("tag").options[document.getElementById("tag").selectedIndex].value; var currtext=document.getElementsByName("tema_nazov")[0].value; document.getElementsByName("tema_nazov")[0].value=tag currtext;}</script>
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its done
2017-12-03 21:58 · (0)

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