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Sunday July 21st 2024
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* 9jabravo * Weezy Were am i to paste this code is it OPEN IN CODE EDITOR... or ADD BLOCK>ADVANCED>CODE tnx for the help u r the best like ur style
2014-06-25 20:46 · (0)
* Weezy * 9jabravo Add block > advanced > code
2014-06-25 21:14 · (-1)
* 9jabravo * Weezy Pls sir..... I want to link a page to another one how to i get the link
2014-06-27 18:33 (Edited 2014-06-27 18:35 by 9jabravo ) · (0)
* Weezy * 9jabravo To link a page is jux same tn as to link a file, pages created using the create page option do appear as a file when viewed thru the filebrowser ..to link a page or file use this simple html linking code
<a href="/file_or_page_name">TEXT</a>
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2014-06-28 12:34 · (0)
* naijaguy * Weezy Pls bro....how do i put an icon before text in my main page..... E.g [icon] mobile games. etc pls and also boders..... I need this sir tnx
2014-06-29 16:21 · (0)
* Weezy * naijaguy The borders that boards the links are css div classes ..if u dont hv a css for ur site ..get one @ http://weezywap.xtgem.com/Wapmasta/Css1/css_menu.php ..for the code of icon with link and the div border
<div class="CLASS_NAME"><img src="http://ICON-URL" alt="*" /><a href="http://YOUR_LINK">LINK TEXT</a></div>
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..you can get as many icon url as u want @ http://weezywap.xtgem.com/Wapmaster ..jux click on icon menu ..the icon link starts from 'http://' and ends @ '.png' or '.gif' depending on the img type ..for the css ..select a css u want from the link above ..copy the css link code from d css page u like and paste on ur site using the code option ..den u cn use the div classes of the css ..
2014-06-29 21:00 · (0)
* johnnywap * 9jabravo This work is very confusing.... Pls weezy were did this guy got his css/div code it look so gud @ chivickwap.xtgem.com, how can i make my pages appear inside those shape and a litle big letter and with an icon beside the pay title like [icon] latest download tnkz i will be ever grtfull
2014-07-03 22:32 · (0)
* Weezy * johnnywap Reply me @ the thread u created
2014-07-04 16:09 (Edited 2014-07-04 16:11 by Weezy ) · (0)

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