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Wednesday February 21st 2024
Always Post weezywap.xtgem.com on your facebook, twitter, 2go, whatsapp and instagram status! If you love WEEZYWAP and enjoy unlimited services here!
»How to Protect your Facebook Account from Hackers
1. » You Must Make Use Of A Very Strong Password On Your Facebook Account e.g TFa+\$n;7.

2. » Be Careful On The Links That Appears On Your Wall e.g Some Link Tells You How Many Peeps Check Your Profile And All That.. Ignore Them Completely And If Possible Remove Them So That Your Friends Won't Fall A Victim.

3. » Sometimes You Have A Link Posted On Your Wall Or Sent To You via Inbox Claiming To This Or That. It Might Be A Usefull Link But Ignore It. Some Shows Facebook Login Page Asking You To Login Before You Can Continue Showing That The Site You're About To Log Into Is Not Autorised By Facebook. If You Are Logged In Into A Website And You Are Already On The Site, You Won't Be Ask To Login Again Unless You Sign-out.
Most Hackers Uses This Number 3 Option To Get Username And Password From People. They Will Send A Link To Your Page And Once You Login Through Their Page, Your Facebook Email And Password Will Be Sent Into Their Own Email Inbox And Now They Has Your Details, They Can Login And Change Your Login Details.
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