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Tuesday April 16th 2024
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»How to Hide your Profile from Unwanted Friend Requests
Do You Want To Hide Your Facebook Profile From Unknown People? Yes, You Can Hide Your Profile In Facebook And From Google Search. Basically Facebook Provides You With Three Options As Follows

1. Everyone Can Search Your Profile On Facebook

2. Only Your Friends and Friends Of Friends Can Search Your Profile

3. Only Your Friends Can Search Your Profile.
If You Are Truly Frustrated By Those Unwanted Friend Requests, Then I Will Advice You To Only Allow Option 2 and 3 And Disallow Option 1.

» Login To Facebook Account On Your PC, Click On Account At The Top Right Hand Side.
» Now Click On Privacy Settings Then Click On View Settings Under Connection On Facebook Tab At The Top. Now You Will See A Lot Of Privacy Settings, The First One Is "Search For You On Facebook".
» You Can Now Change It To Any Option You Want Depending On Your Choice.
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