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Wednesday February 21st 2024
Always Post on your facebook, twitter, 2go, whatsapp and instagram status! If you love WEEZYWAP and enjoy unlimited services here!
»Three ways to Upload Picture to Facebook using Mobile Phone
1. Click On This Link And See How Easy It Is To Upload Picture On Facebook, visit On Your Phone And Upload Like Never Before.
2. If You Want To Upload Profile Picture From Your Phone To Facebook, Just Login To Facebook On Your Phone Then Enter This Address Or Click On It To Start Uploading.
3. To Upload With This Pattern, Change Your Opera From Mobile View To Desktop View Or Off Mobile View. Facebook Has Many Versions; The PC Version URL Is While The Mobile Version URL Is To Upload, Login To Facebook On Opera, Click On Profile Then Photos, Click On Any Album e.g Mobile Upload, Profile Pictures etc.. When It Opens, You Will See The Whole Pictures In The Album, Then On Your Phone Keypad Press #1 (For Opera Mini), For Touch Screen Phones, Just Click On The Operamini Address Bar And It Will Show The Address Bar. Once The Address Bar Opens, You Will See The Page URL Like This:: set/?set=a.222547554427597.73448. Just Change The "m" To "www", Then It Will Look Like This /media/set/?set=a.222547554427597.73448. Press Ok Or Go To Visit, It Will Open Facebook PC Version. Once The Page Open, Scroll To The Top By The Right Hand Side, You Will See "Add Photos" Link, Just Click On It And Start Uploading Pictures To Facebook via Your Phone.
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