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Friday August 19th 2022
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Add block » Basics » Text
Insert a block of text at this point on the page.
NOTE: Operamini will show italic, big, small, blinking and scrolling text as normal static text and will only use max 2 sizes of heading -7 or it may just use 1 size this is device dependent.
<b>Bold Text</b>
<i>Italic text</i>
<u>Underlined text</u>
<big>Big text</big>
<small>small text</small>
<blink>Blinking text</blink>
<scroll>scrolling text</scroll>
There are also settings for color alignment class and adding a new line.
NOTE: The following create block level elements which create their own new line also setting alignment for ANY text block will convert it to a block level element. For these cases "Insert new line" should be UNCHECKED.
Heading 1 <h1>
Heading 2 <h2>
Heading 3 <h3>
Heading 4 <h4>
Heading 5 <h5>
Heading 6 <h6>
Paragraph <p>

Web Template Text Tool
The web template can use a far more complex visual text block tool with an option to switch to the same text tool as mobile and touch and an option in settings that sets the default on/off (it does NOT disable it). If you cannot see all the icons on the top row of the web text tool. Click the tabs to push the preview frame to the right or the file browser to the left. To insert a line break <br /> into the text use shift+enter. Enter on it's own creates a new paragraph <p> tag.

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