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Friday August 19th 2022
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RSS Reader
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Insert a RSS feed into the page Basic Function
Feed: The address of the rss feed to use as the source.
Number: The number of entries to show from the feed.
Template: The template is what decides which content to use from the feed source. It takes the form of a html code with special variables to extract various values from the xml code used in creating rss. The standard default template only uses .link. and .title.
Advanced Function Template Variables
Note: Not all of these variables may be available in the feed source
.link. Contains the address of the feed item's web page
.title. The title of the feed item
.source. The original source of the quoted feed item
.no. feed items number
.pubDate. The date the item was published
.description. A text to describe the feed item. This is often just a short text description of the feed item but it can be the full content of the item including links and images! What is shown in the description is up to the feeds author.

If you wish To use the RSS function via html code the reserved characters " & < > in the template must be converted to html entities
NOTE: You cannot use feeds originating from rss/xml files on any xtgem site it will cause this error "XT Error: Can`t read RSS files from XtGem sites."

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