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Friday August 19th 2022
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»Xtgem Tutorials and References
Add block » basics » link
Insert a link to a file or external site at this point on the page. The standard link block can use the file browser to supply the relative address of a file or page on your site or a full url to a file or page anywhere on the web.
The "Title" is the text that will show on the page for the user to click on. You can also set a text color for the link and a css class.
Html Code For A Link <a href="URL">TEXT</a>
Force Download
You can force a file on xtgem to download instead of opening in the browsers default application using a special get variable added to the address
<a href="/my_video/FunnyCat.3gp?__xt_download=1">FunnyCat.3gp</a>

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