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Sunday July 21st 2024
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»Xtgem Tutorials and References
XtGems Forum Function
Add it from the building tool blocks under social.
NOTE: One forum per site
Adding multiple blocks will produce the same forum
Global pm message inbox
Also on your account page
Uses your xtgem account user profile
User settings for display
Full moderator options
Three moderator levels
Moderator log; All moderator actions are logged

4 levels: categories - boards - threads - replies
User attachments up to 3 per post (size limit applies)

Building Tool ControlsBuilding tool forum block controls:
Allow guest posting: yes/no default is yes
Show online counter: yes/no
Private forum: users must be approved to view forum
Edit forum structure
Add category: add a new category to your forum
Add board: Add new boards to your categories
View users: View the visitors to your forum and set moderators super moderators bans and restrictions
Mod log: View your moderators log page (off the building tool and on your site)

Forum Controls(on Forum Page)
Forum header controls
Login: Log in to your XtGem account
Signup: Sign up for a XtGem account
Inbox: Global personal message inbox
Profile settings: Account profile settings page
Options: Forum display preferences
Logout: Log out from your XtGem account
Modlog: Moderator actions log page.

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