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Thursday July 25th 2024
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1. A Good Site Name: You should choose a name which best describe and suits the services you offer.

2. Avoid making Complicated Site Name: Make your site name as short as possible and easy to remember. Never use long name's like .

3. CSS: Create a site design Cascading StyleSheet (CSS) with less classes to load your pages faster. Remember that not all your visitors are using Opera Mini, Uc Browser, Bolt, etc. most of them uses their phone's default or in-built browser.

4. Large Images: Avoid adding large images to your site. It will take time to load the entire page. Recommended site image size is 20kb to 50kb and below.

5. Link Title: Put the proper link title so as to avoid your visitors from getting confused.

6. Color: Do not use too much color on your site. It may hurt the eyes of your visitors. If you use black background, use white link color.

7. Invalid Links: Avoid adding fake links which redirects to invalid page address. Visitors may get irritated and will never return to your site again.

8. Services: At first, upload few contents to your site which will get the interest of your visitors. Look at your site as a visitor and not an admin. Think what services or downloads you would like then add it to your site.

9. Update: Update your site regularly with new and interesting contents.

10. Links: Avoid using new links instead use wml/xhtml because some browser like L6i and some TV phone doesn't display new link properly instead it shows up saying invalid link.

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