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Tuesday June 18th 2024
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How to Create
Visit to create your wapka passport account for free.

What is Wapka Passport?
Wapka passport is a channel which supports a user with multiple sites. It is useful for users to manage their sites.
Wapka improved the security mechanism so that important information will be better to sent to all users via email or other way.
At the same time, wapka prevent malicious users releasing spam contents more effectively. It will be more conducive to the development of wapmasters and Wapka.

Requirements for creating a wapka passport account;
1. An active email account (for verification, contact and recovering of password).
2. A strong password which will be known only by you to avoid your site from being hacked.

After signing up, check your email inbox or spam/junk folder for the verification code or link from wapka. After the verification, login to wapka using your email and password, create a new site in the account then click on 'Manage Site' and select 'Admin Mode' to start editting.

How to create page
Click on Edit Site » New Site, enter the page or site name and then save.

How to create Link
Click on Edit Site » New Link (bookmark), input the link in the first box, input the link name like WEEZYWAP, after inserting, you'll get something like this WEEZYWAP on your site.

How to insert Text
If you want to write message or text, click on Edit site » Text and input your message or text.

How to add Image
If you want to add Image then, click on Edit site » Picture to upload image and add it where you want it to be. You'll See [A], [U], [M], [X] shortcuts there.
[A]: Is to add image where you want it to appear.
[U]: Is to copy the Image URL address.
[M]: Is to move the image.
[X]: Is to remove or delete the image.

How to add Visitor Counter
If you want to create visitor counter, which shows how many visitors on your site daily, weekly, monthly or totally. Click Edit site » Counter and select the one you want to add.

How to add Forum
If you want to create forum or you want to use forum as a GuestBook, click Edit site » Forum then select the options you want to be on your forum. Request and copy forum codes Here.

How to add Chatroom
If you want to create chatroom, click on Edit site » Chat to add.

How to add Survey
If you want to Create Survey or Poll like the one below..
Do you like
Bad (4.9%)
Good (13.3%)
Best (83.8%)
Together 4477 voters.
First write your question using text then click on Edit site » Survey and input your poll question.

How to add Online Counter
If you want to know how many users online on your site, click on Edit site » online counter.

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