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Saturday June 22nd 2024
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»Site Building Tutorial
This tutorial will guide you completely on how you can create your own website.
Main Things Required In Creating A Good Website.
1. Content: You should have a main idea on what you are going to place on your website.
2. Webserver: A good and reliable webserver on which you can upload your files.
3. Domain Name: An easy to remember name for the website which should describe your website.
4. Visitors: A website without visitors is a voice which is not heard by anybody.

Website Development
Obviously it is you who will decide on what will be the content of your website. It will have specific content or mixture of contents, it should be a new thing or it can be the conventional website. Lets have a look on some topics on which website or webpages can be made.
* Downloads
* Funny things
* Education
* Technology Information
* Entertainment
* Forum

I just mean to say that there can be a lot of ideas but you should be clear on what you are going to place on your website. I would like to explain the last point in the list of contents that is 'Forum'. Forum is more easy to manage because in this page of website, the communities of users participate and add the contents of the website their self. The owner of the website (ADMIN) just monitors their activities and warns or bans anyone who trys to abuse the forum in anyway.

Web Designing
Instant ways for web designing. First let me list them out.
1. Using Website built-in wizards (The easiest way)
2. Using HTML
3. Using a webpage editor
4. Taking Help from Webpage templates.
Now let me brief you about these four methods.

Using Website built-in wizards (The easiest way): Website built-in wizards is an extra facility provided by some webservers. They help you design the complete website just in a few steps, and even later if you want to edit the pages, they provide you with online editor. Here is a list of websites that provide free built in wizards to make pages;
* http://www.freeservers.com/
* http://members.freewebs.com/
* http://geocities.yahoo.com/join/
* http://www.bravenet.com/webhosting/freehosting.php

Using Html (Hyper Text Markup Language): Html is the easiest web language on this earth and it is the base of each and every website.

Using Webpage Editor: A webpage editor is a software which is used to generate HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). The webpage editor keeps away the user from coding and let him design the pages as easily as typing and inserting pictures in word document.

Web Page Templates: Webpage templates can be an extra help for you. They are prepared designed web pages for a website which is yet to be designed. You can place the data in the pages using any webpage editor and its easy. Keep in mind that it is good for you to have knowledge of these three things; HTML, HTML Editor and Page Templates.
Note: Two things that you should bear in mind before making a website.

1. Index is the first page as you know that websites has the same idea as the web of a spider, as related to many links. Your first file should be named index.

2. Keep all stuffs or files under one folder. Whatever you are going to upload on your website should be properly managed under one folder, all files linked with pages should be placed under one folder. It will protect you from making mistakes.
Read more about site building Here.

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