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Monday June 17th 2024
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Maybe you have been looking for a way to create your own WordPress blog but because you haven't seen a better tutorial to guide you it becomes a set back to your plans achievement

But today am going to show you clear tutorial on how you can set up your WordPress free hosted blog with your mobile phone or pc. WordPress is expensive yet they offer a gateway through which you can also create free sites only that you will have a limited space.

Creating personal blogs with WordPress free host is fine because you are going to have limited visitors but when thinking about making a site that you want to go viral, the free WordPress platform might not favour your because of the limited space available.

One good thing about creating this free WordPress blog is that you can later migrate if you see that your site is growing successful i.e you can start with the free host after smelling success you can now migrate to paid host for a better space to harbour your files.

In creating a WordPress blog, you need a host through which your site will be installed. There are many web hosting services that offers WordPress installation but many don't render free services i.e you will have to Install with paid host alone while others give chances of starting with free host and later migrating if you feel your website is growing out of the given space or bandwidth.

This tutorial is about how you can install WordPress using BYETHOST or any other host (Click here for more hosting sites) please follow every step and then instruction on this tutorial and you will be able to build a running free blog on WordPress.

Register with Byethost

How to create a free WordPress blog How to create a free WordPress blog How to create a free WordPress blog

After successful registration you will be taken to a new page where all the policies will be written with a message concerning your email confirmation message.
How to create a free WordPress blog

Now you can read through the policies and all other text on the page if you want or leave them. Just login your email, you will see the confirmation message as below.
How to create a free WordPress blog

Please note that you might not see the message directly in your inbox, in that case you will have to check your spam or junk messages. After opening the message just click on the confirmation link attached to the message and your site will be successfully installed. At this stage if you are using opera you might not get the direct message that your site is installed but as soon as you click on the confirmation link and the next page stop loading go back and check your email messages again, you will see another email message containing your login details.
How to create a free WordPress blog

Now visit and login to cpanel link that was sent to your email using the details sent to you in your email
How to create a free WordPress blog

Behold your account Cpanel where you can now manage your site. I have to snapshot only the required area of WordPress installation but when you login don't be confused you will see many other features along with this.
How to create a free WordPress blog

Click on Softaculous and you will see many platforms through which you can install your web but ignore them all and select the first option which is WordPress. After that a new page will appear, just click on the Install button.

Fill in the required details such as your email address by replacing the default email with your real email address, change your user name and password from 'admin' for security reasons

  • Clear Wp and leave it empty.
  • Write your blog title but don't worry even if you leave it you can change it later
  • Leave Enable multisite (WPMU) unchecked
  • After filling all the required fields just scroll down and hit on install

How to create a free WordPress blog

Note that the password and username you filled in the above form will be used to login your site management admin section so don't forget them.

Now you have successfully installed WordPress on your blog and when you visit your site link now e.g you will see it is a WordPress blog and your site is now running on WordPress script.

How to manage your Newly WordPress blog

Lets assume your website falls to be

To login your admin mode you can just use the link as shown below, make sure you don't use my site name change it your own site name

And you will see a page to login, insert your username and password which you used initially when installing WordPress on your blog and hit the login button now you will be taken to your site management section

here you can create new post, add new theme, edit your posts, manage comments, add plugins, customize site and theme, do all required site settings and every other thing needed on your WordPress blog.

Now you have a running WordPress blog but I know you don't like the theme that is default on your blog, you can download more good looking themes such as ViralBlog lite | Frontier etc to give your blog a good design.

After downloading the theme just login as shown above then click on Appearance select Theme and click on Add new theme you can now upload the theme you have downloaded, after successful upload activate it to get it working on your blog. You can change your theme as many times as you want.

You can install any plugin of your choice and do other needed settings in the settings section.

Now you have a WordPress blog start creating posts and let the blogging begin on WordPress.


As you blog don't be carried away thereby forgeting your login details. Always remember there are two logins, the first one for the cpanel section and the second for the admin section of your site even if you forget you can always retrieve password.
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Last updated on: 2017-05-09
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