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Monday June 24th 2024
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HOW TO CONVERT JAVA APPLICATIONS (.jar, .jad) TO ANDROID FORMAT (.apk) Last updated on: 2016-08-13
How to convert java applications (.jar, .jad) to android format (.apk) Procedure 1. Download the application you want to convert (.jar, .jad) on your computer 2. Go to or visit and you will see... Readmore..

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LEARN HOW TO HACK NOKIA SYMBIAN PHONE s60v3 AND s60v5 Last updated on: 2016-08-13
Why you should hack your symbian phone 1. It allows you to install all applications whether it’s signed or not. 2. After hacking your symbian, you’ll definitely stop seeing errors like “certicate error” during installation. 3. It allows you to... Readmore..

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