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Wednesday May 22nd 2024
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»Boost your 2go Star Progress
Reasons Why People Boost Their 2go Stars
I have asked lots of my friends "What is the main reason you wanted to boost your 2go star?", some told me because they get respected by their fellow friends because of their star level, if you see somebody who is Master or Ultimate and you are Novice, their's a big difference. Some of my friends told me that anyone who is Master Or Ultimate knows how to chat more than a person who is a Novice.

How to increase 2go star progress
There is no specific trick for increasing 2go star progress as of now but I will be highlighting some unique way of increasing it:

1. The longer you stay online the more your 2go star will increase (Everyone knows about this). I know you don't want to be online all the time because you've got lots of things to do and if you just appear online and keep quite your friends would be mad at you. To get around this issue;
• Scroll down to Settings then Change Presence and set your presence to Away or Appear Offline but be careful while doing this because most times the communication networks are not stable and might make you appear online again without your knowledge. So while appearing offline make sure you still check your 2go account from time to time so that your friends do not start sending you messages without you replying back.

2. The More 2go-Credits you spend, the more your star increases. For you to spend 2go-Credits you must first of all purchase it or obtain it from friends on your 2go list. To buy 2go credits, go to "Get GoCredits" and then select the package that suits you. To spend your go-credits you have several ways of doing it.
• By visiting 2go chat rooms and contributing to ongoing chats: Each time you chat in the Rooms you spend a GoCredit from your 2go account.
• By adding/trying to add friends in the chatrooms: To add friends, visit any 2go room of your choice by clicking on "2go Rooms", then select the room you want to visit. While in the room, go to Menu then select List Users or Add Someone. A list of online users in that room will appear. Choose who you want to add and wait to see if the person accepts you, that's all.
• You can also spend GoCredits by transferring 2go Credits to friends on your list: To transfer GoCredits, Select the friend you want to transfer the credit to. Click on Menu and Select "Share Go Credits", type in the amount and click on send.
• The fourth way of spending GoCredits is by sending Group Messages: To do this, select "Friends", make sure your cursor is directly on Friends (Do not go further), click on Menu » "Message Group, type the message you want to send (This may be any latest news, jokes etc). Click on Send and that is all (Note: you can only send messages to about 50 people at a time). To get around this issue you can create new groups and move some of your friends to these groups.
• The fifth way is by buying 2go Jokes: To do this, go to "2go Goodies" and then select "2go Jokes". They will ask you to reply yes if you want to proceed, do that and the amount for the joke will be subtracted.

3. Hanging out in chat Rooms helps too.

4. Boost 2go Stars with older versions of 2go: It seems that the older versions of 2go are quickly improving 2go star than newer versions, like version 1 and 2, so if you have abandoned the older versions, start using it now if you want rapid improvement in your 2go star level.
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