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Friday July 19th 2024
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»How to Activate Yahoo and Wikipedia on 2go
Tips And Tricks On How To Chat On Yahoo Messenger And Search On Wikipedia Using Your 2go Application

Download Mxit Here, Its a chatting application just like 2go. Install and open Mxit on your mobile phone, then click on "Sign up" to register on Mxit, if ask for pin use your mobile number e.g 2348023456789 as pin (serve as password), it only accept mobile number. After signing up, switch to contact then click Option » Connect Other Account (Facebook, Yahoo, Msn, Gtalk) etc. Now click on Yahoo to connect your Yahoo account with Mxit by entering your Yahoo login details in the box provided by Mxit. Mxit will now notify you that you have successfully connect your Yahoo account with Mxit. Then you will see all your Yahoo friends on Mxit.
Now exit Mxit then login to your 2go account. Go to Settings » Gateways » Mxit and activate your Mxit account. Check your friends list, you will see all your Mxit and Yahoo friends on 2go. Under the service, you will see Wikipedia, click on it and search for anything you want.
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