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Wednesday July 24th 2024
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»How to Screenshot on 2go using Java Phone
How To Screenshot On 2go Using 2go Screenshotters
2go Screenshotting Enables You To Munch And Save 2go Pages Free Of Charge And Its Only 2go Applications Embedded With Screenshotter Can Do That. To Screenshot While on 2go, Press Hold The Green Button Used In Dialing And Receiving Calls On Your Phone Keypad. You'll See "Allow Application Access", Just Press Yes. The Page You're currently On 2go Will Screenshot And Save As A Picture In Your Memory Card.
For Nokia Phones Without Memory Card Or With Only In-Built Memory, Open The 2go Screenshotting Application, Press The * Button Of Your Keypad. The screenshotting Settings Will Be Displayed To You, You'll See file:///E:/2goWeezywap Screenshot_ On The Background Path option. Clear the field And Insert This file:///C:/predefgallery /predefphotos/2go WeezywapScreenshot_ Copy Below;
You Can Now Screenshot And Find Your Screenshotted Pages In The Images Folder Of Your Phone.
Note:: It's For Nokia Phones Only But Other Brands Can Give It A Try
Download 2go Screenshotters Below..

Updated . Name . Size . Type
Ascending . Descending
Name: 2go v3.5 Picture Embedder.jar
Size: 306.66KB

Name: 2go v3.6.3 With Screenshoter.jar
Size: 288.07KB

Name: 2go v1.6 With Screenshotter And Picture Embedder by WEEZY.jar
Size: 208.81KB

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