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Tuesday April 23rd 2024
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»How to Activate Facebook Gateway on 2go
How To Chat Your Facebook Online Friends From 2go via Gateway

Many People Have Been Having Difficulties With Their Facebook Gateway Which Enables Them To Chat With Their Facebook Friends From 2go While Some Don't Even Know They Can Connect Their Facebook With 2go.
How To Activate

Login To Your 2go, Goto Settings » Gateways » Facebook Gateway » Activate. It Will Request For Your Facebook Username and Password. Note That Your Facebook Username Is Different From Your Facebook Name. For Example; My Facebook Name Is "Kenechukwu Aralu" But My Facebook Username Is "weezysays".
To Create Or Know Your Facebook Username, Login To Facebook, Click On Profile » Info or About, You Will See Profile Name or Username As "". ('yourusername' is the username in the above example). You Can easily visit If You're Logged In To Create If It Has Not Yet Been Created. Now Back To 2go, Enter Your Facebook Username And Password Then Click Activate And Now Begin To Chat With Your Online Facebook Friends.
But Sometimes When Some People Enter Their Facebook Username And Password Correctly, It Will Reply "incorrect facebook detaiils". Try It Again And Make Sure You Are Carefull And If It Continues Writing The Same Thing, Then The Simple Scope Is Just To Change Your Facebook Password And Try Again. Make Sure Your New Facebook Password Is Made Up Of Small Letters And It MUST Be Alphabets Of Seven Letters.
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