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Sunday December 10th 2023
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»How to View Phone Number on 2go
2go Version 1.6
Download 2go Version 1.6 HERE.

Features: This 2go Version 1.6 Can Be Used For 2go Chat, Viewing Phone Numbers On 2go, Screenshotting While Chatting And Adding Picture As Background.
How To Use

Open The 2go Application, Press # To Enter Your Username, Press The Down Button Once And Press The Center To Enter Your Password. Now Login Into Your 2go Account And Go To Your Profile, You Will See The Phone Number You Use To Register Your 2go Account. If You Are Wise You Will Know How To Steal Any 2go User Phone Number By Telling The User To Swap Account With You.
Note: To Screenshot, Press Hold The Green Button Used In Dialing and Receiving Calls. You'll Find Your Screenshotted Page In A Folder Named Jie In Your Memory Card.
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