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Saturday June 24th 2017
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»How to Change 2go Phone Number
This Is An Awesome & Incredible Improvement From 2go Team Because 2go Users And Lovers Can Now Change Their Mobile Number That They Used In Registering Their 2go Account And Verify The Ownership Of The Account As Well As Under Some Circumstances/Conditions Below;
»Lost Of The Formal Mobile Number
»Hacked Account
»Used Of Fake Number To Register The Account
»And Others Conditions
If You Are A Victim Of Any Actions Listed Above, Then follow The Steps Below to change your 2go number..
Visit wap.2go.co.za or wap.2go.im, Click On "Get Help", Choose Your Country, Navigate To "I Would Like To Change My Number". Enter Your Correct 2go UserName And The Pin(Password) In The Form, If The Details are Correct, You will be prompted to enter your new mobile number But If Not, You will Get A Response In Reverse that the details you entered are incorrect. Click on proceed then type in your new number, If You Mistakenly Retype The Old Number Again, You Will be prompted that you have entered the number that you are currently registered with. If you type in the new number correctly, you will be asked to confirm that you want to change the phone number of your account to your new number. Click yes and you will receive an sms in the new number with a link to complete the task.
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saint: i wanna boost my account
abubakar: weezywap admin i lost my pass hw can i retrieve
kvng kenny: add me wen u nid epp paiko35,chibuike4540 nd donkenny225
general francis: always wif @u wezzywap
wizbid23: wanna boost mai acct
timi: i want to see some profil of girlfriend
timi: i want a girlfriend
kemi12016: password
paper boy here: u guys can add me on phyno279 for help
81769: Slm
harkinsorlah: datz very great!!!
Sisco3777: 2go star booster
Usman Muhammed: Barkada Warhaka
Law: I lost the password of prodigy155
prodigy155: I lost the password
milna: i lost my number so hw can i get my pin my username is shahzaad82 so please assist me my password
milna: i lost my number so hw can i get my pin
joseph: greatwork

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