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Wednesday May 22nd 2024
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»How to Download Raw Files
About Raw Files
Raw Files Are Files In A State Of Not Being Used, sometimes Files With Unknown Format Type or Files With Format Undefined That Are Kept For Special Purpose. It can be Files Which Are Not Supported By A Particular Phone Brand, Version Or Model. Example Includes; _jar, .zip, _jad and also Any Other File Without A Dot (.) Before The Format Name Or With A Dot Before The Format Name But Not Supported By The Device In Which It's Being Used On.
Uses Of Raw Files
It Can Be Used When Renamed To .jar, It Can Be Sent To Another Phone As An Application File And It's The Main Source In Modding When Renamed To .zip
How To Download Raw Files
Any Of The Applications Below Can Be Used; Uc Browser, iBrowser, OperaFpMod Or Any Other Browser That Can Save Java Files As _jad And _jar. Download Any Of The Browsers HERE
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