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Monday July 22nd 2024
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»How to Mod Application with Different Font Styles
Most of the applications we have these days are built with plain font style, but hence you can modify your applications to display its text in italic, bold italic, bold plain, underlined italic and underlined plain etc. The files needed are:
1. mini commander, blueftp or xplorer.
2. zip file of the application
3. byte code editor
Unpack or extract the zip file into an empty folder using either blue ftp, mini commander or xplorer etc. Now Open Your Byte Code Editor, Locate And Open The Folder Where You Have The Extracted Zip Files Into, Press Options [left Key] On Your Screen And Select Search. In The Search Box, Type Exactly This 'javax/microedition/lcdui/Font' into the box and press ok, if your byte code editor does not show ok on the screen, you will see options, press it and select ok from there. Keep selecting yes from the pop up message on your screen to allow the application to read and edit data. The Bytecode Editor Will Search And Display Some .Class Files. The .Class Files Found Are The Files In Which That String Is Found [what You Typed Above].
Now Click On Each Of The .Class Files Found, When It Open, You Will See Some Functions Like; Method, Search, etc, Select Search And In The Search box Type 'javax/microedition/lcdui/Font/getFont' into the box, then press ok. After you have pressed yes button, some parameters would be displayed in any of the .class file, close that file and select another .class file from the found list, now click on the parameters shown to you one after the other, if more than one, it would open the string content of that parameter shown to you, now press # button twice [2 times] then press 7, and type 'javax/microedition/lcdui/Font/getFont' in the first box [upper box] then type 'lib/Font/getFont' in the replacement box [lower box] then press ok. After the ok is pressed, look at the top of your screen, you wil see something like *replaced:1time, 6time or any number of time, that tells you that the replacement has been done to the string, now press your right key, select save from the list and you will be returned to the parameters list, then press left key and select save. Press yes if requested. Do this to all the found parameters and .class files found. After you have saved all the replacements mode, quit your bytecode editor.
Now Extract The content into the same folder where you have the zip content extracted. Open Your class translator Or Mini Commander And Locate The Extract Folder With It, Open The Folder And Scroll To The File With Name "Xscriptz", It Is One Of The Files Extracted From lib.zib File, Click On Xscriptz File, Inside It You Wil See A Line With This Text; Fontstyle: 3, Change That 3 To 2 depending on the font style you want to change to. Here Are The Numbers To Different Font Style:
0 Is For Plain Style
1 Is For Bold Style
2 Is For Italic Style
3 Is For Bold Italic Style
4 Is For Plain Underlined
5 Is For Bold Plain Underlined
6 Is For Italic Underlined
7 Is For Bold Underlined

Then Press Right Soft Key, Select Save And Quite The File, Now Start Your Blue Ftp And Mark All The Extracted File And Compress As Jar Or Zip. Rename Your File From File_jar To File.Jar And Open It to See What You Have Been Working For.
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