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Wednesday February 21st 2024
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* Weezy * codednation Ok, leme check
2017-03-05 11:04 · (0)
* codednation * Weezy tanks bro am waitinq..? or u help me clone any of of d site
2017-03-05 13:24 · (0)
* Emir-says * codednation Both Themes are Carrington Mobile Theme.. It was only customized using CSS and Html codes..
2017-03-05 14:27 · (0)
* codednation * Emir-says lord emir please teach me how to create contact us,about admin etc page and how to make it show @ site bottow under pages
2017-03-05 16:28 · (0)
* Emir-says * codednation Logon to your Wp Dashboard, then select Pages »» Add New .. A page will open after you click Add New
The in the first Box
Enter the Title of the page E.g Contact Us
Then scrol to the big box under, write the page content then Click Publish
Note: All theme have there ways of listing pages.. Some lists it at the header while some at the bottom..
I don't know the theme you're using but once a page is created, it will always be visible on the main site.
2017-03-05 18:05 · (0)
* codednation * Emir-says tanks bro everytin worked nrmal buh my site is now on fire its not showinq anytin only blank white page
2017-03-07 17:10 · (0)
* Emir-says * codednation Drop the url lemme check
2017-03-07 21:15 · (0)
* Weezy * codednation Drop your site url
2017-03-07 21:29 · (0)
* codednation * Weezy www.tipnews.ml i want to delect d theme but i can't login my dashboard bcuz i knw i was d cause i posted 1 code.
2017-03-07 22:18 · (0)
* Emir-says * codednation You have edited a directory that shouldn't be edited that was why your site is showing blank cus i have a freehosting wordpress blog running on where you hosted yours. See Here That was why you can't access your dashboard..
How To Fix This
You can either fix this my logging to your Cpnel and UnInstall The Wordpress Softaculous Software then Re-Install back.
Do this and reply here.
2017-03-07 23:20 · (0)

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