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Wednesday July 24th 2024
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* naijabaze Sir..... Weldone for the work done..... I have been encontering a problem which had make me relent in wapdesigning with the much hav seen over the week dat u have been posting i believe mine will be solve.......i created a file in 'filebrowser' and i put a forum so i was trying to link my main page to that forum in the file browser but it was not linking it was telling me that ''the page you request could not be found''....... I took the link code from ''jcms css'' Pls sir help me thats is my hocking point
2014-07-12 14:10 · (0)
* Weezy * naijabaze I dont understand how u meant by linking your forum to ur main page ..pls b specific or u can use examples to demonstrate
2014-07-12 21:56 · (0)
* naijabaze * Weezy What i mean is that... I created a forum in file browser under file but is not showing in my main page hw cn i make it apear
2014-07-13 17:35 · (0)
* Weezy * naijabaze On any page in xtgem u want forum to appear ..jux click on add block > social > Discussion/forum ..enter ur forum settings and save .. Or assuming ur forum is in a page named 'forum' in ur filebrowser and u wnt to link it to ur home page ..jux enter <a href="/forum">Forum</a>
2014-07-14 17:59 · (0)
* naijabaze * Weezy Juz like dat or do i have to put my url... Cuz have tried it but it was telling me the ''page not found'' what could it be?
2014-07-14 21:25 · (0)
* Weezy * naijabaze If it shows page not found then it means u didnt really knw the name of the file u created the forum in ..
2014-07-15 14:32 · (0)
* naijabaze * Weezy I want to start uploading games,themes,apps, etc to my site and i want ti downloading page to look nyce as urs well arrange what do i do and were do i start from
2014-07-16 08:54 · (0)
* Weezy * naijabaze Create folders and upload the files .. Wen u are done uploading, hollat me!
2014-07-16 18:12 · (0)
* loadedfilez * Weezy Owk bozz.....
Dat 2go icon in your main page e.g 2go online boosting, were do i get it
2014-07-16 18:26 · (0)
* Weezy * loadedfilez Here is the link to the icon
<img src=" icon.png"/>
Copy code
2014-07-17 18:18 · (0)

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