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Monday July 22nd 2024
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* Legendishaq Weezy pls help me check this 2go rules code, I edited the 2go pix with my system and I uploaded it but to use get variables with the code to work that's wat I don't know how to do ......... Pls do not disapoint me, u're ma father for programming work..... Below ar the code. The link inside is the image of 2go rules

<center><div class="zxfourborder"><a name="result"></a><font color="green">{_$reply|IShaqwaps}</font><br/><img src="{_$format|JPEG}/?{_$user|ISHAQWAP}'s" height="260" width="240"/><br/><a href="{_$format|JPEG}/?{_$user|ISHAQWAP}'s"><b>Download</b></a></div></center><form action="<xt:url>#result"><center><input type="hidden" name="reply" value="2go rules created successfully"></input><div class="zxfourborder"><table width="100%"><tr><td width="50%" align="center"><b>Your Username:</b><br /><input name="user" type="text" size="5"></input>

</td><td width="50%" align="center"><b>Format:<br /><select name="format"> <option value="JPEG">JPEG</option>  <option value="PNG">PNG</option> </select> 

</td></tr></table></div></center><center><div class="zxfourborder"><input type="submit" value="Create Rules"></input></div></center></form>

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2016-08-27 17:36 · (0)
* Weezy * Legendishaq The code is correct, i think that u missed something ..u have to create a blank page and change the background color to black ..thats where u will place the 2go rules picture then on top of it u add the variable for the user's name!
2016-08-29 01:05 · (0)
* Legendishaq * Weezy Is't to put the picture before the variable code?
2016-08-29 05:37 · (0)
* Weezy * Legendishaq No, thats not it, just follow the above tutorial carefully
2016-08-29 05:54 · (0)
* Legendishaq * Weezy Pls check weezy the reply is over takin the variable code I pasted behide the 2go rules pix
2016-08-29 06:04 · (0)
* Legendishaq * Weezy Pls check weezy the reply is over takin the variable code I pasted behide the 2go rules pix
2016-08-29 06:05 · (0)
* Weezy * Legendishaq Copy the below code and paste in the empty page u created other code should be on that page change the image url in the below code to the url of ur 2go rules use the url of this page in the generating code
<xt:auth skip="yes" />
<font size="10"><b style=color:white;>{_$user|WEEZY}</b></font><br/>
<img src="/images/2gorules.png"/>
<style type="text/css">
body{color:#333333; font-size:medium; background-color:#000000;}</style>

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2016-08-29 06:24 · (0)
* Legendishaq * Weezy Is gonna be two page right?
2016-08-29 06:37 · (0)
* Weezy * Legendishaq No, only one ..
2016-08-30 07:42 · (0)
* Legendishaq Pls weezy help me to correct this code, I hav use Source code Viewer several time and is not workin..... Pls try to correct this one for me do not redirect me to where, pls abeg
</div><div class="xt_container" data-xtcontainer="default" style=""><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<div class="zxfourborder" align="justify"><center><img src="" alt="meta tags"/></center><br/>Meta Tags Generator creates a well formated meta tags for your website with the entered values.
</div><div class="zxfourborder" align="left">
<script type="text/javascript">$(document).ready(function(){_$|generate}("#generate").click(metataggenerator);$("#resetform").click(function(){$('#metatags_form')[0].reset();$('#result').val('').hide();});});
<form method="post" id="metatags_form">
Keywords: <input type="text" id="meta_keywords" name="keywords" value="" class="input-block-level"/>
Description: <input type="text" id="meta_description" name="description" value="" class="input-block-level"/><br/>
Author: <input type="text" id="meta_author" name="author" value="" class="input-block-level"/>
Copyright: <input type="text" id="meta_copyright" name="copyright" value="" class="input-block-level"/><br/>
Robots: <select id="meta_robots" name="robots">
<option value=""></option>
<option value="index, follow">index, follow</option>
<option value="index, nofollow">index, nofollow</option>
<option value="noindex, follow">noindex, follow</option>
<option value="noindex, nofollow">noindex, nofollow</option>
Charset: <select id="meta_charset" name="charset">
<option value=""></option>
<option value="GB2312">GB2312</option>
<option value="US-ASCII">US-ASCII</option>
<option value="ISO-8859-1">ISO-8859-1</option>
<option value="ISO-8859-2">ISO-8859-2</option>
<option value="ISO-8859-3">ISO-8859-3</option>
<option value="ISO-8859-4">ISO-8859-4</option>
<option value="ISO-8859-5">ISO-8859-5</option>
<option value="ISO-8859-6">ISO-8859-6</option>
<option value="ISO-8859-7">ISO-8859-7</option>
<option value="ISO-8859-8">ISO-8859-8</option>
<option value="ISO-8859-9">ISO-8859-9</option>
<option value="ISO-2022-JP">ISO-2022-JP</option>
<option value="ISO-2022-JP-2">ISO-2022-JP-2</option>
<option value="ISO-2022-KR">ISO-2022-KR</option>
<option value="UTF-8">UTF-8</option>
Cache: <select id="meta_chache" name="cache">
<option value=""></option>
<option value="cache">cache</option>
<option value="no-cache">no-cache</option>
Language: <select id="meta_language" name="language">
<option value=""></option>
<option value="en">English</option>
<option value="fr">French</option>
<option value="ch">Chinese</option>
<option value="de">German</option>
<option value="es">Spanish</option>
<option value="ja">Japanese</option>
<option value="ru">Russian</option>
Refresh To: <input type="text" class="input-large" name="refresh">
<input type="text" class="input-mini" name="after">
Expires: <input type="text" id="meta_expires" name="expires" placeholder='23-04-2016 10:16:23 am' GMT 1/>
Revisit after: <input type="text" id="meta_revisist" class="input-mini" name="revisist">
<select name="period" class="input-small">
<option value="days">days</option>
<option value="month">month</option>
<button id="generate" class="btn btn-large btn-primary" type="button">Generate</button>
<button id="resetform" class="btn btn-large" type="button">Reset</button>
<div class="zxfourborder">
<textarea id="result" rows="10" onClick="set()"></textarea>

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2016-09-04 09:12 · (0)

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