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Monday July 22nd 2024
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* KidINK Hello Weezy, Pls help me with http://www.loadedvibes.ga current homepage Music&Videos filelist code
2016-08-06 17:34 · (0)
* Weezy * KidINK Copy the music and video update code of loadedvibes.ga ..replace the music and the video category ids in the code below
:list-music: cid=15825, l=5, o=tu, s=1 ::<div><div class="gd"><table><tbody><tr><td align='left' valign='top'><div class=""><img src="%thumburl%" width="70" height="70"/></div></td><td valign='top'><font color="green"><strong><small><b><a href="%viewurl%">MUSIC: %title%</a></b></small></strong></font><br/><div align="right"></div></td></tr></tbody></table></div>:: :/list-music:
:list-video: cid=15825, l=5, o=tu, s=1 ::<div><div class="gd"><table><tbody><tr><td align='left' valign='top'><div class=""><img src="%thumburl%" width="70" height="70"/></div></td><td valign='top'><font color="green"><strong><small><b><a href="%viewurl%">MUSIC: %title%</a></b></small></strong></font><br/><div align="right"></div></td></tr></tbody></table></div>:: :/list-video:

Copy code
2016-08-06 20:31 · (0)
* KidINK * Weezy Thanks Weezy, But Loadedvibes.ga has Forum Updates,Music & Videos appearing at the homepage with THUMBNAIL!!.. Pls i also want mine like that...
2016-08-07 16:51 · (0)
* Weezy * KidINK read @ http://weezywap.xtgem.com/forum/index/__xt/tutorial-on-how-to-create-latest-updates-with-image-using-bloglist-in-wapka-by-spicy/thread-oqp0yi6mk4estv1g31aca5ut0cm6qo4iwxz1k3.html
2016-08-07 21:01 · (0)
* KidINK * KidINK Hello Weezy, pls I need http://www.topbaze.com latest forum homepage updates code, the current one
2016-10-01 02:02 · (0)
* Weezy * KidINK copy @ http://wap.topbaze.com/forum2_theme_112504919.xhtml?tema=47&n=0&vdo=%2B&vch=74390e974832ef8951f23343b5d8a447&vmsg=7013398740
2016-10-01 22:41 · (0)
* KidINK Pls i need 9jacoded.com site statistics code, dats d url http://www.9jacoded.com/site_144.xhtml ... thanks
2016-10-03 02:58 (Edited 2016-10-03 02:59 by KidINK ) · (0)
* Weezy * KidINK All wapka counter codes ..
Online Counter
Total Online: :stats-online:<br/>Logged Online: :stats-online-l:<br/>Non Logged Online: :stats-online-n:<br/>Online Here: :userstats:d=oa,wl=SITEID,l=0:: :: :/userstats:<br/>Highest Online Today: :stats-olmc-t:<br/>Highest Online Weekly: :stats-olmc-w:<br/>Highest Online Monthly: :stats-olmc-m:<br/>Highest Online: :stats-olmc:
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Chat counter
Chat Online: :chat-CHATID/count:
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Friends counter
Total friends: :friends-ac:<br/>
Online friends: :friends-oc:<br/>
Actived friends: :friends-act:<br/>
New friend requests: :friends-new:<br/>
Refused friends: :friends-ref:

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Members counter
Members Online: :stats-online-l:<br/>Active Today Members: :userstats:d=ru,l=0,tl=24:: :: :/userstats:<br/>Total Members: :stats-ru:<br/>Today Reg Member: :userstats:d=ru,tr=24,l=0:: :: :/userstats:<br/>Weekly Reg Member: :userstats:d=ru,tr=168,l=0:: :: :/userstats:<br/>Monthly Reg Member: :userstats:d=ru,tr=720,l=0:: :: :/userstats:
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Admin and moderators counter
Moderator: :userstats:d=ru,l=0,wp=2:: :: :/userstats:<br/>Local Admin: :userstats:d=ru,l=0,wp=3:: :: :/userstats:<br/>Head Admin: :userstats:d=ru,l=0,wp=4:: :: :/userstats:
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Blocked counter
Permanently Block: :userstats:d=ru,l=0,ws=2:: :: :/userstats:<br/>Temporarily Block: :userstats:d=ru,l=0,ws=3:: :: :/userstats:
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Blog counter
Total Blog: :bloglist:l=0:: :: :/bloglist:
Copy code

Forum counter
Total Message: :forum-FORUMID/count:<br/>
Total Topic/Theme: :forum-FORUMID/th_count:<br/>
Today Created: :forum-FORUMID/today_thcount: Topic/Theme<br/>
Today posted: :forum-FORUMID/today_msgcount: Messages<br/>

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2016-10-03 20:46 · (0)
* KidINK Pls i need 9jacoded.com videos filelist code with thumbnail... dis is d link http://www.9jacoded.com/site_44.xhtml .. Thanks
2016-10-05 10:11 (Edited 2016-10-05 10:12 by KidINK ) · (0)
* Weezy * KidINK copy the video filelist code of 9jacoded.com, replace the cid
:list-video: cid=15825, l=10, s=:geti-page(1):,o=createtime::<div class="exhibitgreat"><table width="100%"><tbody><tr><td width="65"><a href="%viewurl%"><img src="%thumburl%" width="60" height="70" alt="%title%"/></a></td><td valign="top"><b><a href="%viewurl%">%title%</a></b><br/><b>File Size: %filesize%<br/>Hits: %downtotal%<script language="javascript"> var count='%downtotal%'; if (count>=45) { document.write("<img src='http://exhibi twap.waphall.com/rating/5.0.gif' alt=''/>");} else if (count>=40) { document.write("<img src='http://exhibit wap.waphall.com/rating/4.5.gif' alt=''/>");} else if (count>=35) { document.write("<img src='http://exhibit wap.waphall.com/rating/4.0.gif' alt=''/>");} else if (count>=30) { document.write("<img src='http://exhibit wap.waphall.com/rating/3.0.gif' alt=''/>");} else if (count>=25) { document.write("<img src='http://exhibit wap.waphall.com/rating/2.5.gif' alt=''/>"); } else if (count>=20) { document.write("<img src='http://exhibit wap.waphall.com/rating/2.0.gif' alt=''/>"); } else if (count>=15) { document.write("<img src='http://exhibit wap.waphall.com/rating/1.5.gif' alt=''/>");} else if (count>=10) { document.write("<img src='http://exhibit wap.waphall.com/rating/1.0.gif' alt=''/>"); } else if (count>=1) { document.write("<img src='http://exhibit wap.waphall.com/rating/0.5.gif' alt=''/>"); } else if (count>=0) { document.write("<img src='http://exhibit wap.waphall.com/rating/0.0.gif' alt=''/>");} else {document.write("0.0"); }</script></b></td></tr></tbody></table><hr color="red"/></div>:: :/list-video: <div align="left" class="filelist_paging">:paging:n=:geti-page(1):,u=site_:getid-site:.%ext%?get-cid=:get-cid:&get-page=%n%&get-cn=:get-cn::admin-hash-amp: ::<b>PAGES : %n%.%n%.%n%.%n%.%n%...%nlast%</b> :/paging:</div>
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2016-10-05 21:35 · (0)

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