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Sunday July 21st 2024
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* TECRIDIBLE hai every one this is blog its based on blog template,

1. Popular Posts:
i need to make popular posts which automatically displays highly visited posts or shared posts

2. Download Notification
i want to make a redirecting page just a 3sec before visiting download link of my blog

3. Antivirus Security
i need to enable security badge for my blog and wants antivirus to scan every app (possible with html?)

4. Secure Content
How to secure my contents from copying because i'm sharing original pro versions from playstore, and some applications uploaded in my sites are never published in any sites....
2018-03-05 04:17 · (0)
* Weezy * TECRIDIBLE what exactly dyu need?
2018-03-07 12:10 · (0)
* TECRIDIBLE * Weezy i want to make a redirecting page (landing page) before opening every link in xtgem blog. like landing page (ex: downloadfile?id=.file_name.&type=.file_mime.&load=.file_url.&date=.file_date.&size=.file_size.&name=.file_name_parsed.&directory={_$directory|video}) this code is used by me in one of the site in xtgem to show landing page in file list code.

Now I am running a site provides apks for android mobile download links are from google drive. Now i want to show a page the conecept is simple in many sites (php hosted) we could see before downloading a file there comes a page showing thanks for downloading from site and countdown begins after few seconds user is automatically redirected to download will i be able make same in html site????
2018-03-08 07:32 · (0)
* Weezy * TECRIDIBLE you mean u need a download page for your xtgem site?
2018-03-14 18:51 · (0)

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