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Wednesday October 23rd 2019
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* Kratos * Weezy K thank u Lord weezys. Pls i nid dat ur wapmasters page code, its now the file inside it, i only nid the code eg. Css stylesheet, css generator, icon logo,ipone icon, remember z nt de files in it, only the page c0de
2015-07-19 05:04 · (0)
* Weezy * Kratos U cn easily get the code thru source code viewer
2015-07-19 15:44 · (0)
* Kratos * Weezy I hav tried the source code z nt working weezy pls help me i depend on u, dnt let me down
2015-07-20 08:05 · (0)
* Weezy * Kratos Thr's sort of problem wt the source viewer buh i tink riverdrift is woki to fix it!
2015-07-20 21:10 · (0)
* Kratos * Weezy Ok weezy, wot of the c0de, u gona send it?
2015-07-22 12:44 · (0)
* Kratos * Kratos Weezy i dnt undstnd dat tuthorial on hw 2 add java games 2 my xtgem site, pls explain beta
2015-08-02 23:02 · (0)
* Unlimitedapps * Kratos First download uc browser latest version, then get the file u want to upload ready in a special folder in ur Memory.cad (_jar files and other file extensions, dat is nt .jar),......Open ur uc browser nd select were u see a "STAR PIX"then move 2 the folder near it "App Gallary"in 4 cubes,then wen it opens, click on Udisk, then wen it opens, sign up with uc using ur facebook acct. Or gmail acct. then afta signing up, select were u see"My files" den open it nd select were u see UPLOAD then select de folda were the file u want 2 upload is located....NOTE:wen u want 2 upload java apps, it must be in this format (YOUR FILE NAME_JAR). Then select de tin u wana upload 4rm ur M.cad and click on the Upload button u see afta u have selected the file, nd wait 4 it to upload(wait until u see uploading sucessful), click on de back button and move back to dat place u say "My files" b4 den open again nd select de name of de file when it opens, u wil see all this; Download, Rename, Delete, den u select Rename nd clean everytin in that box and rename lyk dis e.g 2go v3.7 by onyechelsea(dn't add .jar)den click ur center button nd move down to dat smal box under the name of the file then add only "jar"(only wen u are uploading Java Apps ) dn't add (.) in front of the "jar" becos uc browser wil do dat 4 u, then afta dat, click ok and allow it to load(make sure it replies u file modified) den enta ur xtgem site the select "File Browser", then move down 2 were u see >create folder, create the folders name with Java then inside dat Java u created move down again and create anoda folda inside it and name it as games, or any name of ur choice lyk softwares, themes, pictures etc then afta creating, move down 2 upload and select Upload from Udisk, then wen it opens, move down u wil see de file u uploaded b4 den click on it and allow it to load den click on it and allow it to transfer the file to the folder in ur File Browser that's all.....Dat's all den drop ur Feedback if it worked out...
2015-08-03 11:56 · (0)
* Weezy * Unlimitedapps Nice one!
2015-08-03 20:48 · (0)
* Unlimitedapps * Weezy Thanks sir weezy
2015-08-03 21:37 · (0)
* Lordeagle * Unlimitedapps Thumbs up dude! But u can still cut the road short by zipping the d file if u ar afraid of sever error and unzipping it in ur site without goin through udisk just direct. But u disk is also necessary if u will like 2 make d filename longer than xtgem input limit for files.
2015-08-03 22:54 · (0)

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