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Saturday July 20th 2024
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* Lordeagle * NAijaloyal I dey hail una o...just walking arround...feeling free from secondary school shit #end-of-Neco, buh this post gat my attention, do this really works for U? I mean the above filelist, and Weezy bro me dey cut cap...last time I was here I saluted u buh forgot to check back to see if u replied, now I can't even the thread name.
2016-06-29 07:19 · (0)
* NAijaloyal * Weezy Chaii weezy i cut cap for u for u 2 much really worked bt i wanted the latst one to show the page tittle instead of the the page.. Is der any way u can edit it and also edit d background color is showing black bt i av ma own css am usin facebook css change it to "name"
2016-06-29 09:41 (Edited 2016-06-29 10:15 by NAijaloyal ) · (0)
* Weezy * Lordeagle U welcom.. I still dey ..dey look up to my creator
2016-06-29 23:48 · (0)
* Weezy * NAijaloyal Check well in the code for var $button_class= xt_button xt_text small .. Change it to var $button_class= name and u cnt use the page title for the path to page values xcept for the final/last page!
2016-06-29 23:54 · (0)
* NAijaloyal yes dat is wat i mean.. Change the last page to the page title thanks
2016-06-30 03:10 · (0)
* Weezy * NAijaloyal Copy below
var $path= <xt:url type="path" />/
var $offset=0
var $len=call strlen $val=$path
var $button_class= xt_button  xt_text small
var $button_style= padding:0 1px !important;margin:01px !important
print <a href="/"><span class="$button_class" style="$button_style">home</span></a>
var $strt = call strpos $haystack=$path;$needle=/;$offset=$offset
var $end= call strpos $haystack=$path;$needle=/;$offset=($strt+1)
var $link=call substr $val=$path;$start=0;$length=$end
var $linktext=call substr $val=$path;$start=($strt+1);$length=($end-$strt-1)
if $linktext == index 
goto @end
/* LINKS */
print  <span class="$button_class" style="$button_style">&raquo;</span><a href="$link"><span class="$button_class" style="$button_style">$linktext</span></a>
var $offset=($strt+1)
if  $end < ($len-1)
goto @loop
/* END */
<!--/parser:xtscript-->  (<script language="javascript">document.write(document.title);</script>)

Copy code
2016-07-01 04:02 · (0)
* NAijaloyal * Weezy Weezy dis is my filelist below pls edit it and add hit: and also add that ads link like dat of www.patloaded.cf this is my xtcat details for d hit xtuser=naijaloyal
key=129331 and also change the skip page to be showing NEXT and Previous
get_or_default srtby;updated
get_or_default srtdir;asc
get_or_default prpg;10
get_or_default fltr;
get_or_default __filelist_page;1
var $cst = color:#0f0 !important
if $srtby==updated
var $cst1=$cst
elseif $srtby==name
var $cst2=$cst
elseif $srtby==size
var $cst3=$cst
elseif $srtby==type
var $cst4=$cst
if $srtdir==asc
var $csd1=$cst
elseif $srtdir==desc
var $csd2=$cst
var $sel = selected="selected" class="selected"
if $prpg==3
var $pp1=$sel
elseif $prpg==5
var $pp2=$sel
elseif $prpg==10
var $pp3=$sel
elseif $prpg==20
var $pp4=$sel
elseif $prpg==50
var $pp5=$sel
elseif  $prpg <=1
var $pp6=$sel
print {{
<div style="text-align:center">
<div style="display:inline-block;text-align:center;background-color:#aab;border:1px solid #fff;border-radius:3px;padding:2px;margin:0 auto">
<form action=" " method="get">
<input style="display:inline" type="hidden" name="srtby" value="$srtby" />
<input style="display:inline" type="hidden" name="srtdir" value="$srtdir" />
<input style="display:inline" type="hidden" name="__filelist_page" value="$__filelist_page" />
var $style=border:none;border-radius:2px;background:#3b5998;color:#fff;padding:0 1px !important;margin: 2px !important;font-size:.75em;text-decoration:none !important
print {{
<input style="$style;width:5em"  type="search" name="fltr" value="$fltr" /><input style="$style" type="submit" value="Search" />
<br />
print {{
<a  style="$style;$cst1" href="?srtby=updated&srtdir=$srtdir&fltr=$fltr&prpg=$prpg&__filelist_page=$__filelist_page" title="Updated">Updated</a><a  style="$style;$cst2" href="?srtby=name&srtdir=$srtdir&fltr=$fltr&prpg=$prpg&__filelist_page=$__filelist_page" title="Name">Name</a> - <a  style="$style;$cst3" href="?srtby=size&srtdir=$srtdir&fltr=$fltr&prpg=$prpg&__filelist_page=$__filelist_page" title="Size">Size</a> - <a  style="$style;$cst4" href="?srtby=type&srtdir=$srtdir&fltr=$fltr&prpg=$prpg&__filelist_page=$__filelist_page" title="type">Type</a>
print {{ 
<a style="$style;$csd1" href="?srtby=$srtby&srtdir=asc&fltr=$fltr&prpg=$prpg&__filelist_page=$__filelist_page" title="Ascending">Ascending</a> - <a style="$style;$csd2" href="?srtby=$srtby&srtdir=desc&fltr=$fltr&prpg=$prpg&__filelist_page=$__filelist_page" title="Descending">Descending</a> - 
<br />
print {{
<select style="$style;" name="prpg">
<option $pp1>3</option>
<option $pp2>5</option>
<option $pp3>10</option>
<option $pp4>20</option>
<option $pp5>50</option>
<option $pp6 value=" ">all</option>
</select><input style="$style"  type="submit" value="per page" />
print {{
/* Set your own folder and template */
<xt:filelist sort_type="$srtby" sort_dir="$srtdir" folder="/Pic" template="&lt;table width='100%'&gt;&lt;tr&gt;&lt;td width='25%' class='zxfourborder' align='center'&gt;&lt;img src='.file_url' width='50px' height='50px' /&gt;&lt;/td&gt;&lt;td width='75%' align='left' class='zxfourborder'&gt;&lt;img src='http://strikecoded.xtgem.com/admin/rating.gif'/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;&lt;b&gt;Name: &lt;/b&gt;&lt;b style='color:blue'&gt;.file_name_parsed.&lt;/b&gt;&lt;br/&gt;&lt;b&gt;File Size: &lt;/b&gt;&lt;b style='color:green'&gt;.file_size.&lt;/b&gt;&lt;br/&gt;&lt;b&gt;•   &lt;/b&gt;&lt;a href='/download?file=.file_name.&name=.file_name_parsed.&category=.file_mime.&size=.file_size.&href=.file_url.&date=.file_date.&time=.file_time&img src='.file_url'.&fold=/Music/Naijamusic'&gt;&lt;b style='color:red'&gt;Download Game&lt;/b&gt;&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/td&gt;&lt;/tr&gt;&lt;/table&gt;" filter="$fltr*" per_page="$prpg" />
<!--/parser:xtscript--><br/><b style=color:black;->Skip page:</b><form action="<xt:url type="path" />" method="get"><input type="text" style="width:15px" name="__filelist_page"><input
type="submit" value="jump"></form></center>

Copy code
2016-07-11 02:06 (Edited 2016-07-11 07:37 by NAijaloyal ) · (0)
* Weezy * NAijaloyal Sorry i cant help
2016-07-11 08:15 · (0)
* Lordeagle * NAijaloyal I can help, buh with a price tag
2016-07-11 09:16 · (0)
* NAijaloyal weezy y cant u help in editing it?
2016-07-11 21:07 · (0)

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